How Gingrich Could Could Make The Open Marriage Thing Work Even More In His Favor…

It appears that Newt Gingrich might have helped his campaign some by his response to John King’s question in the CNN Charleston debate last night about his alleged  proposal to his ex-wife, Marianne Gingrich, for an “open marriage”

King opened the debate by asking Gingrich about the accusation, which his ex made in an ABC News interview and to The Washington Post.

Before denying his ex’s assertion, Gingrich berated King and said he was “appalled” that CNN would start a presidential debate with “trash like that.”

Of course, I find it hard to believe that Gingrich was surprised that CNN would pose the question.

After all, the leftist media will use this stuff every chance they get to make Republicans look bad.

It didn’t make Gingrich look back, however. Quite the opposite happened. His marital infidelity is an old story and it gave him another change to bash the press for dragging this kind of salacious stuff out and running with it as hard as they can when Republicans are on the receiving end.

While South Carolina conservative voters certainly don’t condone Gingrich’s infidelity, they are fed up with the Main-Stream-Media’s unwavering fidelity to the Democratic Party and the audience gave him a standing ovation for taking the press on:

Since all of this seems to working out to a plus for Gingrich, maybe he could embrace his jaded past and use it even more to his favor. There might even be precedent for this kind of thing. We all know that sex sells.

A couple of years back the Spanish Socialist Party ran this ad for a candidate that shows just how much fun it can be voting for what they consider to be the right person. Who knew participating in politics could be this satisfying? It certainly isn’t in this country.

If there is anyone that gets uncomfortable about sexy videos–though this isn’t really what I would consider sexy— don’t watch this. Mom, this means you:

The Gingrich camp—or Super PAC—might want to think about reworking the ad for the speaker. It might even do something to entice some of those young Ron Paul supporters away.

It’s not surprising that socialist would put out this kind of thing. After all, they did a lot to screw Spain, which has about 23 percent unemployment these days. Ouch.





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