On Education Reform, The Establishment Offers Only Technocratic Babble

Michael Walker-Jones, the Director of the Louisiana Association of Educators, opposes the educational programs backed by Bobby Jindal. Bobby Jindal says Walker’s opposition is: “incredibly offensive and exactly what is wrong with the top-down approach.”

There are other ways to say this however and this writer has no problem with being somewhat less diplomatic: Mr. Walker-Jones, you’re a schnook. You’re a Technocrat spewing the babble of the loser justifying the lack of substance in his argument.

Your statement people in poverty are too heavily stressed to educate themselves on issues concerning school choice and the selective direction of their elected officials is revolting. We must move education from the basement of accomplishment under the guidance of the Louisiana Association of Educators and others like it.

It’s always interesting to note whenever a well-to-do union representative speaks on an issue the rhetoric always proclaims the people they represent know best what’s good for schools. They know what’s best for teachers, what’s best for administrators: but none seem to expend more than the intestinal gas they pass when speaking about what’s best for the students.

Mr. Walker-Jones, I’m sure you’re a very well educated man. You know much about systems and logical applications of those systems’ to see they’re used according to the goals the systems pursue. But there’s something neither you nor any other member of your union or the people you represent can KNOW: that would be what’s BEST for my child. He’s my kid, not yours.

You have theoretical dissertations and statistics to back up your arguments. But, you don’t know the individual child and I suspect couldn’t care a whit about an individual child other than your own because you represent teachers not students. You’re a labor union representative and it’s been shown over the course of history unions represent dues paying people, not individuals. And, I will say this with NO caring for your feelings; you know NOTHING about what’s best for my child. That’s an ignorance you fly like a battle standard daily: the emblematic standard of Technocratic absurdity makes you and yours believe you’re superior to me and mine.

You are not superior. Your knowledge is based on statistics developed by others bearing your same theories as truth. That’s not truth. It’s the statistical compilation of selected facts supporting a theory I and others believe is totally your self-serving, meritless stance on subjects affecting you and yours only. For every statistically buttressed argument you develop I know of at least one of opposing polarity to argue against your stance on any issue. For me and mine it represents truth based on interaction with those needing of representation-our children.

Our kids are “hot-button”. They’re our emotional and real responsibilities; not mere tools to be used for leverage and emotional impact as you and yours Mr. Walker-Jones, seek the upper hand in any particular negotiation. Your stances (as presented before us, the voter/parents you seek to lobby against) are disingenuous at best and outright insulting in reality. You, your stance on this matter and the manner in which you present your argument are not only specious and dishonest; they conceal your agenda which is to benefit your clientele over the needs of the children.

Mr. Walker-Jones, you said, “If I’m a parent in poverty I have no clue because I’m trying to struggle and live day to day.” One thing I know; that impoverished parent cares more about their kid than you do.

The fact is you have no more right to represent knowing what an impoverished parent thinks than the man in the moon. Your suit cost more than what many welfare recipients and retirees were paid last month; and you’ll pretend to speak for the impoverished? Your patronizing represents the haughty, superfluous stance you represent.

We represent our children’s needs as we see those needs each day; not merely when our dues paying members feel threatened by accountability and the removal of self-serving tenure ensuring the incompetent can remain entrenched in jobs they’re not qualified to fill.

Mr. Walker-Jones, you insult the intelligence of every parent in this state with your technocratic babble and elitist posturing.

Go away.

Thanks for listening.

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