Post-Inaugural Lyceum Legislative Luncheon Love-In

After the inauguration, many of us went over to the Lyceum for a luncheon. The event was MCed by Scott Angelle, Secretary of the State’s Natural Resources and former lieutenant governor.

As is to be expected, there was a lot of schoomzing at the luncheon, off stage and on. Brief remarks were given by Sen. John Alario, Louisiana’s incoming Senate president, and Jindal.

I’m sorry that parts of this are a little shaky, but I was eating catered boudin balls and was caught off guard. I didn’t see the governor and Alario come in and didn’t get time to properly set my camera up before the talking started:

While everyone was all smiles at the luncheon, it’s no secret that there were almost as many biting their tongues as were biting the boudin balls. Many conservatives are still steaming about Jindal’s pick of Alario, Edwin Edwards Democratic floor-leader and right-hand man. Incidentally, Edwards decided to make the trek to New Orleans to watch the bowl game instead of attend the inaugural events. Buddy Roemer was said to be in New Hamphire, but I can’t imagine why. Foster, of course, attended the inauguration and Kathleen Blanco was also there.

I had fun schmoozing and eating those boudin balls, which were a lot better than the ones I buy at Texaco Town on my frequent trips from Ferriday to Alexandria and back again. People who live in my part of Louisiana will know what I’m talking about.

The governor might even be clued into Texaco Town’s deep-fried delicacies, since he travels the back-roads of our state about as much as anyone. If he hasn’t been there yet, he most certainly will stop by sometime during his second term.



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