Pulling The Weeds

This is one of those days where yesterday’s events stimulate my aggravation intolerance program. I despise some people’s tendency for seeking the spotlight when other guerrillas in the mist need shadow to function best. As the self-possessed hero jumps from protective cover so all can see his splendid cape and tights, he runs the risk of giving away the hidden agenda and placement of his comrades. In their own way they self-inflict wounds (and possibly kill their efforts) by “friendly fire”.

One of the top ten elements of Murphy’s Law of Combat is: “Friendly fire ain’t…” (You’re still wounded and bleeding stupid!)

It’s nauseating to note the GOP debates and peacock-like prancing of the primary candidates are doing their best to indelibly etch the participants’ pettiness into the psyche of those they need most to achieve their goals and direct their agenda.

I’m a member of an organization. Whether I stay a member is questionable and it’s not because I got my feelings hurt and want to pick up the ball and go home. It’s because I’ve watched organizations of great value die of self-inflicted wounds while trying to figure out why they’re becoming ineffectual in their efforts.

Internal wrangling and contention are the two biggest killers of grassroots organizations. Grassroots organizations amass small groups of individuals seeking to increase the volume of their community voice to better their lot in society. Unfortunately, with organization we create a society in microcosm; a society with all the problems and glitches of larger social orders because they’re both composed of people. People are aggravating and moreso for their inequality.

The natural order of things means there’s a matter of natural compensation takes place. Deaf people have increased smell sensitivity. The sightless may hear better than others. Sometimes the infirmity causes an adaptation bringing the balance closer to reality for the person’s survival.

Unfortunately, in organizations, it seems the more challenged the person is in personal relationships the louder their voice. They become more crude and rude in their conduct with those they see as less than they are. They accept this as their right and entitlement. Their alleged superiority belies the reality of their lower self-esteem. This can become calamitous. The interaction necessary to attain agendas and gain our goals is strained at best and non-existent at worst.

Do you want to do your best for somebody considers you inferior?

How can you accomplish anything if there’s only voice heard with one person’s point of view? Governmental problems are panoramic. They cover broad expanses of human relations, experiential diversity, greater and lesser talents in specific areas of expertise. There’s always more than one way to get to any destination. There’s more than one way to interpret the findings of a study or experiment.

It’s imperative a choice be made when it comes to reaching a final resolution. The stand must be sure, solid and steady in its presentation. But the one thing needs to be remembered is THERE IS NO ONE MAN, WOMAN OR CHILD ON THIS PLANET KNOWS IT ALL! No matter how much they think they know they’re not gods placed here to guide us with their omnipotent knowledge and paternalism.

The greatest threat to any organization is its membership. The cult of personality is dangerous; ask anybody ever heard of Charles Manson. You’ll see where misguided actions take the ultimate wrong-turn. The various other factions claiming they alone had the answers to all of life’s questions have come and gone like badly scented whispers on the wind. You know something was there but can’t remember what it stood for other than resulting in its own disastrous demise. Many times the destruction of a good group thought occurs with no real danger to society. But the problem in that case isn’t in the death of the endeavor; it’s the fact the endeavor never got the chance to grow to fruition.

More great gardens have never been known because of the mistakes and mismanagement of a self-centered, know-it-all gardener refusing to take advice from and listen politely to his peers.

Maybe I’m the weed needs pulling; but I think not.

Thanks for listening.

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