DICK MORRIS VIDEO: The GOP Is Poised To Clean Up In The Senate Races

We haven’t really done much on the Senate races that are coming up this fall, largely because none of them involve Louisiana, but the fact that 23 of the 33 seats which will be up to the voters this year are currently held by Democrats makes that a fun sand box for the GOP to play in.

It’s generally recognized as a good possibility that Democrat control of the Senate will be going bye-bye come November even if Obama manages to get re-elected. Democrats have a 53-47 advantage at present, but with a great many of their number getting out of the Senate this year and several others looking a bit peaked in the polls it seems a virtual given that they’ll lose four seats and their majority with them.

But Dick Morris says it’s going to be a lot worse than that.

At one time it looked like a gain of 13 seats was possible. That’s less likely now. But a 10-seat gain is very doable.

And a 10-seat gain would insure that Obamacare would be repealed via budget reconciliation – which was the method used to pass it in the first place. You’ll need a Republican president to make sure the repeal is enacted, unless you’re going to go for complete deadlock and a government shutdown. But a Republican-controlled Senate would make for a far stronger hand in dealing with Obama, even though he’d be quite likely to go full-on-Hugo-Chavez with regulatory fiats and ends-around.

We don’t need that as a country. The Senate would be a great addition, but it’s not sufficient.

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