Here’s A Crazy Video Of A Crazy Song

It’s about a dude whose woman breaks it off with him, which he’s more or less cool with because their relationship was crappy, but then she changes her number and cuts him off like a chump.

And he ain’t happy about that. He’s so pissed he gets naked and lets somebody paint him up like bad wallpaper.

The guy who does this song goes by Gotye, which is like a Pidgin English spelling of “Gautier,” and that’s what he’s goin’ by. He’s a Belgian dude who grew up in Australia. He was actually born in Bruges, but whether he’d find this funny or not is hard to say…

Anyhow, it’s a weird video. And this Gotye dude actually has some pretty cool songs beyond just this one. None of ’em are as big a hit as this is; believe it or not it’s #1 in the UK right now (maybe they recognize how much he sounds like Peter Gabriel; who knows?). He manages to keep his clothes on in the other videos; maybe he’s not thinkin’ about the chick who slammed the door on him in the other ones.

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