The ‘Everlong’ Piano Cover: How Badass Is This?

Where I come from we call this talent.

First of all, you know that Foo Fighters song “Everlong,” right? It was one of their biggest hits from a few years ago. Really put that band on the map.

If it doesn’t ring a bell, maybe this’ll jog that memory of yours (or maybe give you an education if you’re one of those philistines who doesn’t know from the Foo Fighters). Complete with the crazy video…

Sure, that was like 17 years ago. But along comes some school kid who decides he’s gonna teach himself the song on a piano – by ear. He just figured out how to play it. And on the YouTube made of himself doing the song he apologizes because he doesn’t have the sheet music for it. For shame, right?

Anyway, how solid is this?



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