Does This Not Look Like An Incredibly Bad Idea?

According to CBN, the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Prisons plan to begin recruiting employees who will serve as lesbian-gay-bisexual-transgender (LGBT) representatives for each prison facility under BOP’s management.

Regardless of your opinion of homosexuality, one has to wonder, as Pat Nolan of Prison Fellowship Ministries does in the video, how this makes for smoother-running prisons. Prisoners aren’t supposed to be having sex at all while they’re there, so why would you want to even talk about sex with them?

And like Nolan notes, we’ve got a major problem with prison rape in this country. Now we’re going to tell prison rapists it’s OK because they might be gay? How does that help?

Let’s consider the effect of this on the gay community. We’re now going to tell prison rapists “y’know, the reason you’re raping your fellow inmates isn’t that you’re horny or that you’re trying to exercise animal dominance over your fellow man – it’s really that you’re a repressed homosexual and part of your rehab is getting you to recognize that.” OK, and then at some point they get out of jail armed with that indoctrination. Does that really do the population of gay people any good? Think the prison rapist who gets out of jail thinking what he did in there was OK because he’s really just gay and didn’t know it is going to behave well outside of the fun house?

We’re thinking maybe not. We’re thinking maybe the Justice Department might be creating a whole new class of predators who’ll terrorize gay communities when they get out.

Maybe we’re wrong. But feel free to do your own thought experiments on all the unintended consequences which could come out of preaching “LGBT issues” to the animals in federal prisons.



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