Is It Sexist To Post This?

I’ll let y’all decide.

The guys at Hot Air say that this dude probably tubed his marriage the minute he posted this to YouTube. And they’re probably right.

On the other hand, assuming he’s willing to let her have half his stuff in order to strike a blow for math and science and the idea that going 80 miles at 80 miles an hour will get you there in an hour, you prolly gotta respect him.

Not to mention that stupid is genetic, most the time. And maybe this cat doesn’t want airheads for kids. If Miz Chelsea is like those kids the schoolteachers here in Louisiana are talkin’ about and she’s too dumb to recognize that “miles an hour” means you can go that number of miles in an hour, then he’s trashin’ his family line by breedin’ dunces with her.

Or somethin’. I dunno. What I do know is this is pretty funny. Painful, in a he-just-made-her-famous-and-she’s-gonna-go-Lorena-Bobbitt-on-his-ass-for-it kinda way, but funny.

By the by – who do ya think Chelsea votes for most of the time? And how important is it to you that Chelsea shows up at the polls?

And before y’all start in about this – yeah, it ain’t a good idea for him to be usin’ that video camera while he’s drivin’ that car. Although if he’s drivin’ from Logan, Utah to Boise, Idaho, he’s probably not gonna run up against all that much traffic.



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