More Pics From The Capitol Today…

…these come courtesy of my cousin T-Bigs. He’s a hell of a photographer, I sez.

Here’s one.

And another. This guy worked a lot harder on his sign than his grooming.

I kinda liked these two dudes. One guy shows up with a little bit of a racist smack on Jindal, and the other one throws in with the profanity.

This is called putting your heads together to make an ass of yourself. But those pants are kickin’.

And then we have this one…

Think he’s happy because that sign they gave him is funny? Or does he just like to get his picture taken?

I’m watchin’ this thing on the live stream. Trust me – these cats outside the building are no dumber than the goofs testifyin’ at the committee. Some of the leges in there could be excused if they went postal on one or two of ’em.




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