Rep. Montoucet Is Hooking Up The Lafayette Parish Assessor With Your Money

We knew this was going to happen. As soon as these legislators are elected/re-elected, they start helping out their buddies with our hard-earned tax dollars.

Our prime local example is State Rep. Jack Montoucet (D-Crowley) who has filed legislation granting a $10k per year pay raise to the Assessor of Lafayette Parish.

In the meantime, there is House Bill 319 by Montoucet. It would increase the annual salary of the Lafayette Parish assessor (currently Conrad T. Comeaux) from $98,290 to $108,290.

As the Lafayette Independent said

It’s really not a question of whether these public officials deserve the money. Surely they work hard. It’s more a question of priorities and reality.

Does this state have serious financial problems or not?

Of course, Rep. Montoucet is not the only one.

There is SB 324, providing what will amount to a $15-20k per year vehicle allowance for the Vermilion Parish Clerk of Court.

The Acadia Parish Clerk already receives such an allowance, thanks to legislation filed last year by Rep. Montoucet. Evidently, a $100k+ per year salary is not enough, even though they CAMPAIGNED to be elected to that position.

There is SB 140, which increases the expense allowance of the Jefferson Parish Assessor’s office by roughly $1.5 Million per year.

Yet, we keep hearing about budget problems and not enough money for our state, parish and municipal governments.

We need to stop being played for fools. We need to stop re-electing these same politicians over and over again. Some people want to say Baton Rouge has changed thanks to the Jindal Administration and term-limits. However, we see much of the same politics played, at OUR expense…at the expense of OUR hard-earned tax dollars.



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