The Weekend Is A Good Time To Wash Away The Trayvon Martin Mess

Seems to me it’s been a nasty week with all the mire the Main-Stream-Media has drug us through with the Trayvon Martin controversy. It’s likely that you don’t have a job like mine where you have to listen to the news pretty much from dawn to dusk, so you might not feel quite as dirty.

It took more than a week of almost non-stop Trayvon coverage before I was worn down to the point of posting anything about it.

I didn’t do so earlier for two reasons. First, the fog was so thick surrounding Martin’s killing that it was hard to say anything without knowing what the truth really is. Second, and more importantly, I just didn’t care very much about it.

Sure it’s a tragic situation, but these kinds of tragedies happen every day. It kind of sickens me when the media chooses to fixate on something like this as race-baiting pigs like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson emerge to sun themselves in the sludge. Wandering in just makes me feel dirty.

Also, I felt that what was going on in the Supreme Court was a much bigger story that in toto—to borrow a line from Justice Antonin Scalia—didn’t get nearly the coverage of the Martin mess.

I’m kinda ready of the weekend, in which I resolve to turn off the news and spend a little time with friends and family.

I’ll start off by welcoming a new member to the family, little Jake Bonnette, a cousin who will be born later today. Excuse me if I use this post as an opportunity to give a little should out to parents Jacob and Donna.

Jake’s arrival will be a good way to wash this week’s news coverage out of my brain. A good laugh might help, too, like one at the expense of this kid who just can’t seem to wash the shampoo out of his hair. Ya got to love it when a prank goes right:



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