VITTER: Protesting Public School Teachers Place Own Interest Above Kids

If you want to know what’s wrong with Louisiana public education, just look at what’s going on in many Louisiana public schools today. Or rather, what’s NOT going on–namely, learning.

In East Baton Rouge, Vermillion, St. Martin, and other systems, the children are being told to stay home–no school, no learning. Why? So that their teachers can be granted a “professional development day” to lobby the legislature AGAINST education reform.

A letter to all Vermillion parish teachers made their marching orders crystal clear: “We want them [the legislators] to know that we do not agree with the [education reform]  plan . . .”

As a Louisiana citizen and parent, I’m really outraged. I guess the folks behind this are making their priorities clear–forget the kids; we just care about our tenure protection and benefits.

This is exactly what’s wrong with the system. These folks steal a day of learning from the kids to lobby on the taxpayers’ dime. And what happens? They’re rewarded with a ‘professional development day’ to do it.

As taxpayers and parents, we need to push back and put the focus back on educating Louisiana’s future generations.



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