Dick Morris Doesn’t Agree With James Carville

He doesn’t think Obamacare being overturned “would be da best thing that evah happin’ to da Democratic Pawty” at all.

He thinks it’s a disaster for Obama. He thinks the public would agree with the Supreme Court, and the public would consider Obamacare a two-year waste of time, and the Obama presidency a waste of time along with it. And that they’ll be happy to run him off as a consequence.

Now, our interpretation of James Carville’s comments last week was that Carville was saying – in the most roundabout way possible – that Obama getting blown out of office as a result of Obamacare going down would be the best thing that ever happened to the Democratic Pawty, and Morris doesn’t really address that. Morris is only talking about Obama; we think Carville was addressing Democrats in general with an eye toward the possibility that when Obama is gone you could get a more Clintonite Democrat Party that would be more majoritarian and less Hard Left, and if the GOP can’t solve all the problems of health care in a post-Obamacare era some of these non-Obama Democrats could thrive.

Like cockroaches after a nuclear holocaust, perhaps.

Either way, Morris probably would differ with Carville on that score as well. And Morris might be right, because Joe Q. Public who doesn’t pay all that much attention to politics and is generally repulsed by the inside angles and games they play in the Beltway will just look at this like “the last time the Democrats got their hands on this they wasted a lot of time and effort doing something unconstitutional that sucked anyway; I don’t want them in charge of health care.”

Which means the lesson might be that if the Republicans get the White House and the Senate, they need to underpromise on health care. They need to say up fron that this is not an easy problem to solve, that there isn’t a perfect solution and that whatever the government does will probably make it worse for at least some people. And that the approach will be to alleviate problems along the margins.

Which means tort reform, maybe a voluntary opt-out from Medicare as a pilot program, block-granting Medicaid to the states, buying insurance across state lines and other things. But the last thing they’ll want to do is some massive 2500-page omnibus health plan. You do that and it means you think you have all the answers.

Really, the rule ought to be that you don’t do an omnibus anything. Outside of the budget there shouldn’t be a bill on Capitol Hill that goes more than 40-50 pages or so, and those ought to be extremely rare.

Hopefully those will be some of the lessons taken from this insanity. And hopefully Morris is right and Carville is wrong.



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