Justice For Just Us

Each morning I arise and stumble to the bathroom to make my first salient commentary on the conduct of government in America. Then I stagger to the kitchen where I pray there’s coffee dwelling in the canister my sweetheart normally keeps well stocked in order to ensure life, as we know it, remains a safe activity in our neighborhood. I can be R-E-A-L b*+#y without coffee. Today: there was none.

So I returned to the bathroom and issued my second commentary on government as it’s practiced in America today. It’s not looking like a good day.

After an unpleasant trip to my local grocer/extortionist (have you seen the cost of a pound of coffee?) I returned, blended a pot of the elixir of life and sauntered to my desk to review the news of the day and the history of yesterday. I contemplated the bathroom again; then said the heck with it. I stared at the screen of my computer like when I was hung over and faced one of my ex-wives across the table. The unblinking, accusatory blankness of the screen propelled me to sip too fast. I scalded a lip and basted my tongue in a fluid I believe was born of Vesuvius.

That’ll teach me to think I control anything in life. So, “where is this all going” you ask. Answer: nowhere. I told you it all started with a commentary on the conduct of government in America.

We’ve got a mess similar to what we flush. We’ve turned our futures over to people more interested in the massive amounts of money they can accumulate and the power they can wield than they care about serving us. That “serving” us thing is what they said they wanted to do remember? They approached us begging for the job, make the “sacrifice” and give us their best effort to make America great again. As I remember it, America wasn’t broke until these dipsticks got there and started monkeying around with the way America works.  So, they keep creating rules, regulations and laws assuring they stay in power, a power regularly abused, making it harder and harder to get rid of them.

America’s always been a society expecting the cream to rise to the top. We once accepted the belief success is a result of hard work and an industrious spirit refusing to accept defeat from anybody. Now so many are convinced they must gain parity from a beneficent central government more akin to the likes of France, Italy or Greece. (Ain’t that a group to emulate?) They want to work less, gain more and, at 50 years old celebrate a retirement they invested nothing into while expecting the maximum from it.

In other words, take the theory of Keynesian Economics, embrace it as immutable, irreconcilable fact and force all others to accept the consequences of your pipe-dreams. Also, immediately call people racists, misogynists, and “flat-earthers” unaware of how ignorant we really are for not seeing it their way. Never let anybody question the theory or just what substance is being smoked in that pipe; you have no need to know because they said so. Solve real problems with “funny” money printed on a roll like what I salute the government with each morning.

East Baton Rouge is reacting to a tectonic shift away from blindly accepting politicos and self-indulgent theorists allowing school performance to fail while controlled by the employees’ unions. The School Board, as presently constituted has failed over a period of decades. It’s too obvious to avoid seeing.

Now people are jumping fences and taking their kids with them. People are demanding more control and telling the impotent powers that once were: “no more”. The taxpayers are doing research and questioning the performance and the recorded failures of those same people. They’ll accept no more of the same as business as usual. A failure is a failure and it must either be stripped of its influence or denuded of its tunneled, myopic oversight.

It’s a matter of Justice for Just Us: those footing the bills. Not those creating them.

Thanks for listening.

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