Obama Lays Down With AFL-CIO Dogs, Doesn’t Eat Any…Yet

Takes a poke at Right To Work laws, though.

Something like eight percent of the private sector work force is unionized, basically because unions have priced themselves out of the labor market (which is a global market, by the way).

That’s called economics. Not that Barry would know beans about economics. He thinks he does, though – he also thinks he knows what’s not economics. Check out this genius…

Somebody said this clown is smart? Which fool said that?

Right To Work laws mean you don’t have to join some union in order to get a job. That’s what Right To Work laws mean. If Obama wants to call that Right To Work For Less, he can. Except when you don’t have a job, working for less isn’t all that bad. And if you have some talent at that job, you’ll find you don’t need some union in order to get bennies or higher pay or better working conditions or whatever.

We have a major talent shortage in working-class jobs in this country, largely because pinheads like our president have been pimping college educations to kids who don’t have the academic chops to go there, and hooking those kids into crip-course degrees like sociology and gender studies and so on, while bribing them with cheap student loans like free heroin. And instead of getting into the trades and becoming welders and carpenters and machinists and so forth they’re crapping on cop cars and pouring coffee at a Starbucks when they’re not getting tattoos of unicorns or earrings on their willies. Or whatever.

All of that is a lousy situation and it needs to be corrected. In the meantime, though, there’s less reason why anybody in the kind of work unions used to cover would be interested in being in a union now than there’s ever been – because the harder it is to find skilled people to work for you, the more employers are going to coddle skilled laborers and make them happy. Not to keep them from going on strike – to keep them from taking a gig with somebody else.

The unions know this. They get it. They know the market is giving them a giant middle finger. And their response is to bring in a bunch of communists and other sleazeballs to run the unions. Like Richard Trumka, who runs the AFL-CIO…

 “I got into the labor movement not because I wanted to negotiate wages. I got into the labor movement because I saw it as a vehicle to do massive social change to … reach out and start building permanent coalitions with young workers groups, with student groups, with religious groups, anybody that’s a progressive group …”

Because if you replace the mobbed-up union guys whose main interest is to get a few bucks from management they can skim off from the membership and invest in casinos or bootleg cigarettes with hard-core commies like Trumka, you’re no longer in a situation where you’re negotiating with somebody. You’re in a situation where rather than having the mobbed-up union guys sit at the table threatening to burn the guy who owns the company out of his house you can get the EPA, or Eric Holder, or the National Labor Relations Board to do it instead. And that means you don’t really have to do anything to run your union, and you certainly don’t have to negotiate with management anymore.

But naturally, it doesn’t work out the way the clowns like Trumka, and his buddy Obama, who Knows All About Economics And What Isn’t Economics, think it will.

Because they don’t have unions in China, you see. They have communists like Trumka and Obama, except those guys aren’t like Trumka and Obama at all. Those guys went through real communism, and what they realized after a few decades of it they decided it’s better to do some business than have to waste 50 million people who recognize that communism sucks and might do something about it.

So all the jobs go to China, and Brazil, and India. And meanwhile Obama gripes about how they diss his union pals in the Right To Work states while the economy bounces along the sea floor and the people like John Lovitz who have money start cursing on the internet – or worse yet, they bury their cash in the back yard waiting for Obama to go away.

That’s economics for you, Barry. You don’t know much about that. What you know is politics. If you’d have stuck to that you probably wouldn’t be about to get your ass kicked in November.

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