Richard Cohen’s Big Lie

Richard Cohen, Washington Post Writers Group syndicated columnist copyrighted a column where he calls Mitt Romney “…a skillful liar.” Cohen phrases his column with a slight taste of bitter almonds and delivers the poisoned barb with a sense of irony. We call it a “good read”: clever, concise, ironic and tart. It makes you think.

As many of you know it’s not necessarily a good thing to allow me too much time to think. Somebody always gets into trouble.

Cohen speaks of Romney (you’re aware he’s not on my list of all-time favorite politicians) as a man with no sense of humor and capable of excelling at a number of career choices (coach, CEO or presidential candidate). Cohen then recounts public debates between Romney and his arch-nemesis: Newt Gingrich. (It almost sounds like Spidey-dude versus his arch-nemesis The Lizard!) Gingrich when asked, on cue, said he believed Romney was a liar and proceeded to attack Romney’s Political Action Committee or PAC for publishing lies about Gingrich.

Romney slapped the criticism aside by saying he didn’t have the crap published; he wasn’t responsible for its content and never saw it. Then he blasted Gingrich’s support of global warming awareness where Gingrich sat next to Nancy Pelosi and all but held hands with her as they warned the world of impending doom a la Al Gore. Then, Romney body slammed Gingrich for criticizing Paul Ryan’s (Republican Party financial policy wunderkind) Budget Proposal as being without merit. It was like the Hulky-one slammed Rowdy Rotten Poopie in the good old wrestling days; Gingrich couldn’t get up off the mat. Then Romney brought up all of the Lizard’s ethics problems while he was Speaker of the House. Count the Lizard out! The Hulky one gets the big tin belt!

All this is entertaining. But Cohen says: “Obama does indeed play politics with the truth…” Then delivers a fresh dose of venom: “but where Romney is different is that he is not honest with himself”. This may be true. But which is worse: the lies one tells oneself or the lies you tell the American people? Obama hasn’t told us the truth yet.

It’s a liberal’s responsibility to lend aid when the candidate of the left suffers criticism more akin to opening an artery than a simple linguistic paper-cut. Cohen’s got to save the boss somehow. So, he attacks George Will who artfully said Obama “comprehensively misrepresented” Ryan’s budget.

But Cohen does what few others will do inside their politically self-sustaining world-view where words cover the dung left behind by rhetoricians. What they say still stinks but it’s harder to find because it’s been covered with a layer of inorganic and denatured manure. But, it’s still a load of you-know-what.

The fact is Obama’s as big a liar as anybody. It’s simply a matter of paying deference to a man holding an office he lied to get; lies to maintain and will lie to preserve come hades or high water.

Cohen slides his fangs a little deeper into Romney’s allegedly bullet-proof demeanor as he describes him as having a “businessman’s concept of self…that what he does is not who he is”. Cohen says: “Business is business. It’s what you do. It is not who you are. Lying isn’t a sin. It’s a business plan.”

Cohen’s right; it’s a business plan. But his candidate (Obama) has offered NONE to this date as it applies to the business of America. Over 1000 days with no budget offered. Diminished esteem in the world community is one of his accomplishments. A divided and divisive Congress is dying of the lethargic leadership principles offered by a man never conducting a business in his own right. He’s continually gambling on and backing green energy programs and businesses owned by his cronies while they waste billions of taxpayer dollars. Many have failed; one after the other. He stunts petrochemical exploration with flair, then, blames the opposition. The destruction of American Industry is the result of his administration. He’s never seen a problem he couldn’t spin.

One liar’s no better than another. But Romney’s run successful businesses: unlike your guy. That’s NOT a lie.

Thanks for listening.



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