Romney The Pet Offender Or Obama The Dog Devourer?

With a promise to soon move on from the Obama ate dogs story to other matters—like which domesticated animals has Joe Biden consumed—it’s worth pointing out that Dogs Against Romney has released a new ad campaign this week bashing Romney as a registered pet offender:

Undaunted by the fact that the guy they are supporting is an unapologetic dog devourer, Dogs Against Romney continues to push ahead with its agenda to demonize the Republican presidential candidate as an animal abuser. This is being done while Rusty, the mutt behind the movement, is making excuses for the president’s palate for pooch as a kid.

That’s not surprising given what was uncovered by my dog, Rosie, concerning his questionable ties to the Obamas, particularly Bo.

Given all that’s been going on, it might interesting to disclose my my own history concerning dog eating.

No, I have never eaten dog and it’s not something I plan to start doing. A couple of years ago, however, I broke a news story while working for The Franklin Sun exposing dog abuse at the Winnboro Animal Shelter where it was literally dog-eat-dog.

Canines in Franklin Parish, which were left in outdoor pens, were being neglected to the point that a half-eaten hound was discovered in a pen with other dogs that hadn’t been fed or watered in days.

The series of stories that The Sun ran on the situation at the animal shelter led to a criminal investigation of city officials and eventually to the old shelter being closed and a new one going up.

If you read the first story I wrote on the shelter, you will see that city officials were trying to convince back then that the dogs weren’t really eating each other. What I was asked to believe– believe it or not,—is that someone had broke into the shelter, cut the a dog and half and stole a half-dog. This story made sense to officials because it was the top half that was missing. That was evidence that we were dealing with a smart thief that didn’t want to be bothered with house-breaking the dog after he got it home.

I didn’t buy the beak-in story, but this was long before I knew about Obama’s disturbing dog history.

What really happened at the old shelter matter might be worth re-examining, but as far as I know Obama has never been to Winnsboro and most likely couldn’t find it on a map if he searched all 57 states.

The Obama dog eating story, with MacAoidh’s fark thread above all, has been a gift that keeps on giving so why not put at least one more video up that reader Kermit Hoffpauir was nice enough to give us a heads-up on?

Oh, here he comes—our Dog-Eater In Chief. Don’t it make you proud to be an American?



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