Useful Idiots?

Take a look at this website supposedly created by Angela Alef of Northshore 912 and Karen Champagne of Chalmette Tea Party who oppose educational reform in Louisiana.  They are speaking with various Tea Party groups in the region and recently spoke at a Baton Rouge Tea Party meeting.

BRTP is apparently not the only Tea Party in the state to be infiltrated with likely moles or at least useful idiots.

After perusing the site I’m speechless. First of all, for every seemingly similar positions between Governor Jindal and Barrak Obama I could find hundreds of dissimilar positions. Barry backs the teachers unions. Nuff said. This site is full of connect the dots conspiracy stuff designed to create division and despair among voters. Its Alynskyite tactics want us to feel isolated and ineffectual. By being distrustful of ALL politicians and political parties we are then left dismayed and divided in our pursuit of conservatism.

This site makes assumptions without detail, offers few solutions other than removing Jindal (a powerful Republican Governor) and distracts conservatives from the very real threat of the far left modern democratic party. There are no connections to other web sites offered.

How is this site funded?

Who are these people really?

We are told they are business women raising children. This makes them political scientists? Does it not bother anyone that this site is attacking only Republicans? There is no indication of affiliation, funding sources, or even authorship on this site. There are no reference sources, journalistic treatises, academic research or even political affiliation put forth to support the astonishing claims made by the supposed authors.

Here is another site with exactly the same name

The women peddling this site are either provocateurs with a hidden agenda or useful idiots.



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