Well, This Sums It Up (I Guess)…

Santorum suspended his campaign today.

MacAoidh hasn’t weighed in on this, but judging by what he posted this morning about how the GOP race oughta go on until Romney grinds out those 1144 delegates I don’t guess he’s too fired up about it.

And I bet Mike Bayham’s gonna have something soon as an autopsy or epitaph or Irish wake or somesuch since he was the dude runnin’ Santorum’s campaign in Louisiana and won the state big for him.

Me, I don’t much care one way or another. Newt and Ron Paul are still around; maybe somebody will throw some money at those guys so they can keep the race goin’. I doubt it.

Romney does bupkis for me. He’s Plastic-Man.

But you know what? People who get excited about politicians are morons. Here’s an example…

People who would rather be left alone don’t really get fired up about some politician who wants to help ’em with somebody else’s money.

So Romney does diddly poo for me. But that’s a lot better than having some dude who sucks canal water – and that’s what’s in the White House now.

Santorum? Eh. Nice guy, good family man, pretty conservative, terrible politician. Nobody wants to talk about sex when there’s a trillion bucks in red ink comin’ out of Washington. And Santorum couldn’t stop talkin’ about sex. Gay people, prophylactics and so on. Ain’t interested in all that. Romney was at least smart enough to act as though that stuff was dog-crap on his shoe when he was asked about it; Santorum wasn’t. And while that wasn’t the only thing Santorum had goin’ against him, it was somethin’ he couldn’t afford.

Still, he gave a good account of himself for a guy who got blowed up runnin’ to keep his Senate seat six years ago. He might have a future in politics after all. And while that doesn’t do Bayham much good it’s not a bad deal for Santorum.

Meanwhile, Romney needs to feed those attack dogs he sicced on Santorum and Gingrich roofing tacks and Tabasco. Because if ever there was a dude in office who needs to get beaten to a pulp the way Nicky Santoro had happen to him in Casino, it’s Obama and his “those white dudes over there on the right are off pumpin’ each other cuz they shore hate wimmin like poison and did you see what they did to mah boy Trayvon?” routine on the stump.



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