A Crisis That Might NOT Go To Waste If You’ll Help

It’s been over 2 years now and the effects of a President’s moratorium and a war against American energy from the Obama Administration is front and center for all Americans.  If it’s not in your mind now, then it should be.

We are already paying for it at the Gas Pump. Your electric bill and the rest of your utilities are next. If those rates haven’t already skyrocketed, that is.

My name is Thomas Clements and my wife & I own a business in the oil & gas industry. I write this to remind people what this president and administration are all about.

June 22nd marks a day I will always remember. A federal judge issued a block on the President’s moratorium to get American energy workers  back to work. Then a defiant and contempt president with the help of his Interior Secretary called for another executive order for a second moratorium that has wreaked havoc ever since.  And finally once the moratorium was lifted there was NOT a release of any permits for drilling offshore. And still to this day, nothing.

Obama and his administration support other countries and their efforts to explore for oil and natural gas – as in the case of Brazil and Mexico – but NOT here in the USA.

It’s unprecedented for the federal government to engage in shutting down an entire industry, at any time in the history of the United States of America. At least not that I can remember. But not any more.

Earlier this week, the Obama administration held a lease sale for the Gulf, and the federal government netted $1.74 billion at that lease sale. That would indicate things are back to normal, but what it really says is that the industry is desperate to get back to work. With the price of oil at a sustained high over the last couple of years you’d expect record rig counts in the Gulf, but we’re barely back to where we were before the BP spill.

But it’s very difficult to go back to business as usual when there’s a war on American energy workers in full force. And this war is affecting every American citizen.

So far, Obama and his people have not been held accountable for any of the shady, dishonest and damaging actions they’ve taken. Ken Salazar, who lies to Congress at every turn, is still the Interior Secretary. Steven Chu, who said he wanted to run gas prices up to what they are in Europe, is still the Energy Secretary. And so on. Meanwhile, our fuel prices remain high – and they only seem to go down when the economy takes a turn for the worse. Which isn’t a surprise, because since World War II virtually every economic downturn in American history has come shortly after a run-up in the price of energy.

Go look at all the economic news of late and tell me that’s not what’s going on.

If you agree that you shouldn’t have to pay so much, or suffer so much, then you should join my wife and I in our quest of OMG! What’s OMG you ask?  Simply stated, OBAMA MUST GO!
Thank You,
Thomas Clements, Broussard, Louisiana

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