BILL WHITTLE VIDEO: Cutting To The Chase On Fast And Furious

It’s all here – executive privilege, motivations, addresses the question of whether this thing was a botched operation and answers the countercharges.

I still can’t completely buy into the idea that this was all about setting up a pretext for gun control. There is a lot of material which points that way. And Obama and Holder have certainly proven themselves capable of doing things which are neither legal nor moral.

What I have trouble with is the unmitigated stupidity of the idea that you would flood the Mexican drug cartels with assault rifles to cause havoc along our border – so that you could pass gun control legislation. You might do something like this to create a pretext for, say, invading Mexico – by the time anybody would call you on it you’d already be at war and the circumstances of the war’s origin would be…not moot, exactly, but most people would take the position that we’ve got to win the war first and then sort out what happened later because our troops are in danger.

But to pass gun control legislation? That’s an awfully small policy carrot to kill hundreds of people over. Even if those hundreds of people are Mexicans, and Obama and Holder and the rest of the administration couldn’t care less about them unless they’re voting Democrat (and before you poo-pooh that as incendiary crazy talk, please explain why on earth we’d let guns walk into Mexico without even letting the Mexican government know what was happening if the Obama people gave a damn about the Mexicans). The political risk of having this out in the open has to outweigh passing something like an assault rifle ban, no?

But while it’s hard to buy an assault on the 2nd Amendment as the reason this happened, what else is there? The administration certainly hasn’t articulated an alternative which makes sense. And the use of executive privilege to lock this investigation up until after the election would indicate there is something so bad in the shadows Obama can’t recover from it even with the legacy media covering for him. Otherwise, you’d think they’d do everything they could to put this behind them.

They’re not. And because they’re not, Whittle’s theory – which he’s not alone in espousing – is picking up steam.



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