In Lafayette, They’re Waitin’ In Line And Gripin’ About Free Stuff From Uncle Sam

KLFY-TV has a story you’ll just love

This has it all, dontcha think? We’ve got the orca-fat people sweatin’ in line for free government handout money, we’ve got the dimestore logistics experts who have their own lives in such an awesome state that our tax money has to go toward their rent but who can tell you exactly how the process by which they get free stuff ought to be improved (actually, they can’t tell you that; all they can tell you is they don’t like how the free stuff got dished out, but leave me alone ’cause I’m rollin’), we’ve got the local Democrat city councilman who’s on hand to scream about how his broke constituents aren’t given their dignity when they show up in droves lookin’ for a handout.

Bear in mind this line is to get on a waiting list for a Section 8 voucher. It’s not a guarantee of free money. Apparently this is the first time in three years they’ve allowed new people to get on that waiting list. So people waited in line all night and all morning for the mere possibility of eventual free stuff.

But if KLFY has it right, here’s the punch line:

Today was the last day to apply for the waiting list for section 8 housing. The last time the Lafayette Housing Authority held this process was back in 2009.

In other words, there was a huge crowd today because it was the deadline. All these people who were so fired up to get free stuff that they were cool with campin’ out all night to get on the waiting list for it didn’t get off their butts to get on that waiting list earlier, and beat the crowd.

Meaning that you had people who weren’t proactive enough to make sure they got on that list earlier, if KLFY has it right, who are gonna instruct the Lafayette Housing Authority – which without a doubt is a joke; if it wasn’t the feds wouldn’t have taken it away from the locals last year – on how to run things.

They ain’t exactly George Patton or Henry Ford. If they were, they wouldn’t need to stand in line.

But that’s just another day on the government dole, baby. Free stuff always draws a crowd.



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