They’re All Over This Dude From The Daily Caller…

..for dirtying up Obama’s amnesty-by-fiat presser on Friday.

Dude’s name is Neil Munro, and he lit up Obama over the issue while Obama was givin’ his big rollout on how illegals who were kids when they came here are gonna get a free pass on being deported.

Since that episode, the snootier mainstream media types have raked the Daily Caller over the coals about how rude their guy was to the president. And yeah, he was rude.

But the Daily Caller isn’t takin’ all this lyin’ down. They did research. And they found this

That’s not exactly the same as what Munro did. Munro interrupted Obama, and it almost came off like heckling.

Except that Obama didn’t take any questions about his little speech on amnesty for the illegals, so if Munro was gonna get his question in he pretty much had no choice other than to do it like he did.

And it’s not like reporters bein’ aggressive with presidents is some horrible taboo thing you can’t do or you get kicked out of the club.

Maybe if Munro put on a skirt and hit himself repeatedly with the ugly stick he’d have gotten a better reaction…

After all, you can even get away with doin’ that stuff to Obama – at least for a while…

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