What Jackass Did This Shirt?

Some “LSU fan” is putting this out.¬†Whoever he is, he doesn’t need to do t-shirts ever again.

Can we talk about how bad this is?

Yeah, it’s pretty classless to make fun of what goes on in the showers at Penn State. Or maybe it’s more to the point to say “tasteless” rather than “classless.” After all, it’s a t-shirt; t-shirts aren’t what you’d call vehicles for class in the first place.

Tasteless, yeah.

But here’s the thing – the Penn State people deserve it. Penn State isn’t a victim of that Jerry Sandusky business; Penn State was an enabler. Penn State knew Sandusky was Uncle Ernie from the Tommy movie, and they looked the other way. They tried to cover up what he did.

Penn State is rotten as hell, and whoever the guy is who did this shirt is hardly the only one makin’ fun of them. So screw Penn State.

I don’t have a problem with outrageous and tasteless t-shirts. I got one myself.

Actually, I got a couple of ’em.

What I do have a problem with is people who can’t speak English even on a t-shirt.

“Then?” Not “than?”

Does Mr. Jackass Funny T-Shirt Man reckon that what he just did was tell people he wants a Sandusky massage and then a ticket to a game in Tuscaloosa? And he puts “Geaux Tigers” on a shirt with that message?

Stupid dick.

And epic fail.

Whoever this guy is he needs his Cafe Press account taken down. The guess is he’s gonna be disappointed and embarrassed with his sales.

Just like we can be disappointed and embarrassed that we have assclowns like that in our camp.

But just like in a lot of things, you can always comfort yourself by lookin’ down on Mississippi. Brian Broussard, LSU’s ticket manager, tweeted this out a couple weeks ago after it came in the mail…


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