Big Brother, 21st Century Edition

Beaurat Obama’s elastic principles are his stock in trade.

He shut down his thought processes (his teleprompter) and tripped over his social experiment so badly he near broke his little head he also stepped on. He proclaimed: “if you were successful, somebody along the line gave you some help…If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.”

He believes NOBODY gets anywhere without the largesse and generosity of the federal government and schlubs like him ready to give away your tax dollars to anybody bundling enough pre-election cash to get him elected i.e. Solyndra and its ilk. (For those not aware of how Yiddish effectively describes people, a schlub is a dull, unpolished person. See if it fits Obama.)

American Exceptionalism is based on the labors of a people, not a government, because individuals bring differences to the table to drive free enterprise forward.

Governments change, as seen by this administration’s desire to socialize and control industry in a fascist manner rather than industry being controlled by experts in the specific fields influencing the direction of society with their products’ benefits. Socialists believe you can hire anybody to get a job done. There need be no expertise because anybody can be taught on the job.

This thinking worked well at Chernobyl didn’t it?

This stupidity demands you accept a faceless, brainless government knows best in ALL cases. One must only look at Obama’s dismal performance in backing “green” industries specifically noted for the extreme amounts of money they bundle for his campaigns. Several have failed at the cost of billions of taxpayer dollars because Obama is incompetent as a businessman.

Yes. I said he’s incompetent. He has NO prior working knowledge of how to run a business. He never has run a business. He’s never dealt with the industrial regulatory nightmare progressive, past liberal legislatures have erected to do no more than show legislators are powerful and can command anything they want.

Obama’s wasted his working capital of oratory, loquacious verbal rapprochement directed at specific socio-elitist strata expected to follow his expeditionary adventurism toward a Brave New World. (I said this crap because it shows how to dazzle an audience with his brilliant speechifying and when that fails baffle them with deepening manure.)

Now that his key-pounders (speech-writers and policy wonks) in the backroom of the White House have been set aside we see the true oratorical ability of the man behind the curtain. He’s The Wizard of Oz pulling strings and levers to move government deeper and deeper into your life so as to control it before you can protest.

He stammers, indicating he speaks things HE  has trouble believing. He’s distracted by this “truth” he’s speaking because he believes it no matter how much we’re aware it’s all a lie at the same time. He refuses to accept recordable failure as an indicator of the snake-oil he’s peddling. He diverts attention from the truth by demanding you accept his word over all other words.

He’s a firm believer in the principle, “If you tell a lie long enough, to enough people and repeat it often enough; many people will accept the lie as truth.” This is how he’ll move us toward a collectivist state where Big Brother controls all and all control is Big Brother. A lot of people stopped reading Orwell’s “1984” when 1985 was born. Nobody saw the next Stalinist dictatorship taking control of nations and herding them toward the version of Animal Farm specific to their own government. Now we’re suffering “Big Brother-21st Century Edition.”

Many people believed we’re a people celebrating freedom since 1776. Fact is we’ve been fighting off variant forms of government takeover by monarchists, anarchists and nihilist radicals since 1789. Many people denigrated the idea any of this can happen in America. Fact is it’s been slipping around the edges of American culture since Marx and Engels started theorizing about society in the 1850s.

Orwell warned us. We refused to listen. Now we MUST listen and heed the real words not spoken but alluded to by the speaker’s actions.

They speak the loudest.

Thanks for listening 

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