Nice Ad, But Don’t Get Used To This Kind Of Thing…

Conventional wisdom is that this presidential election is going to be among the nastiest, knockdown-dragout fights in memory. That’s a given, with a nation so deeply divided and an economy in turmoil. Things have gotten pretty rough with the Obama camp trying to paint Romney as a rich, greedy one-percenter and the Romney people countering by slamming the president on his dismal White House record.

Despite this, voters have been treated to a couple of “kinder and gentler” television ads in recent days in which neither candidate even mentions the other guy in the race.

Obama had one a few days back and now the Romney campaign, with help from the Republican National Committee, has released a new ad that focuses on his positives as a venture capitalist, head of the 2002 Salt Lake Olympics and as governor of Massachusetts:

This is a small respite in a cantankerous campaign and it won’t last long. Though people complain about negative ads, they are often proven to be the ones that are most effective. Also, there is nothing wrong with focusing on your opponents negatives and Romney has a whole lot to work with in Obama’s case.

In other words, don’t get used to this.

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