Oscar’s Farks O’ The Week, Volume 1

The directive came down from Hayride Control this week that a fark every day was gonna wear you guys out and also that we were filling up the site with too much unserious stuff and not enough actual content.

Which is fine, I guess. It means I gotta do more actual work if I’m gonna be useful, but when Hayride Control decides it’s time to kick us peons in the ass I don’t mind puckerin’ up. They’re probably right anyway.

So how this is gonna work from now on is that Friday is Fark Day, and we’re gonna have lots of ’em to look through in one post rather than just one every day. Hayride Control thinks that’ll make you guys happy, and Hayride Control is never wrong even when Hayride Control is wrong.

Or at least that’s what MacAoidh suggested I buy into if I wasn’t interested in the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Department showin’ back up down here in Barataria with 30.06’s, a buncha boxes of ammo and specific directions on where the best pickin’s for target practice on nutria might be.

Yessir, yessir, three bags full. Friday’s a perfect day to post up all the cool farks I found all week.

Like this one, fer example…

Or this one…

This was one I thought was kind of depressing. It’s not really a fark, though I thought it was one when I first saw it. Scott Brown, the guy running for re-election as a GOP Senator from Massachusetts, seriously put this one out.

Seriously. He did.

It’s either Brown or “Spreading Bull” Liz Warren. Classic case of voting for the lesser of evils there.

What I notice is there’s a trend for people to take pictures of their pets and make farks out of ’em. Here’s a typical one…

And then there’s the Chick-Fil-A stuff, which has created a farkstorm…

Finally, we have this. Which is terribly, terribly wrong. But on the other hand if anybody deserves to get reamed on the internet it’s this jerkoff…



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