That Burning Smell Isn’t Coming From Obama’s Hair, Is It?

There may be something to the Friday, July 13th superstition. Beaurat Obama’s been redefining the concept of entrepreneurship and restructuring the edifice of capitalism so all could see its true socialist underpinning.

He says nobody ever started a business alone. Somebody else did it. He wants to fundamentally change the American Dream.

Obama’s sacrificing his reputation as an oratorical wonder will pay large dividends, which we sincerely hold he’ll re-distribute, to Mitt Romney. Obama recently felt the sting of pundits telling his little secret: he can’t speak off the cuff. He must use a teleprompter to keep his thoughts organized and maintain the aura of his charismatic public speaking ability.

This would indicate he really means what he says. Forget context, and interpretation needn’t be endured. He really says what he means and his “image” repairmen and plumbers must “run around like their hair’s on fire and their backsides are catchin” to say: “no, no, no, no; that’s not what he meant!”

Yeah. He did.

For four years (including the time he spent surreptitiously campaigning) we’ve watched him conduct his well-crafted but worthless speech making. He continually spoke and said nothing. His charming oratory and spectacular eloquence lulled the audiences into believing he alone could make a platform of “Hope and Change” work for a nation. He spell-bound audiences and made it look like his progressive platform was designed to assured America a new place in the global political lineup.

He succeeded. Our international esteem is diminishing daily.

He didn’t have the answers then. He doesn’t have them now. What he does have is a problem where the public is awakening to the reality talking doesn’t get a job done. People learned printing more money is inflationary and hurts them. Economic theories don’t create jobs and change can be bad as well as good if not understood what the changes will result in over the long run. You can’t ram though arbitrary changes like you do ill-conceived legislation.

Obama came into office like a breath of fresh air for people not understanding the air smells fresh in Los Angeles many days, but when you climb the outlying hills you see pollution’s pall hanging malignantly over the city. Sure; he managed to use a heavily tilted Congress to put, push and pass the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) as legislation impacting the entire nation.

But, it was recognized before delivery, the two thousand plus page bill was too cumbersome, too lengthy and unwieldy to read to understand and vote on and still protect the public. This was his plan; to muddy the waters not only in public speaking but also on the printed paper so nobody could detect all there was to see was wrong with the legislation. This plan worked.

It’s worked up until now because Obama has a knack for speaking volumes having nothing of substance on any given page. There’s ideology. Can you feed your kids that? There’s theory. Can you pay the light bill with that? There’s hyperbole and exaggerated claims of the necessity to trust him and his vastly over-inflated resume nobody can confirm to gauge his actual expertise in anything other than what he “says” he knows. Can you pump that into your gas tank so you can drive to work? Do they buy bread?

What have we’ve learned about Obama beyond what he says and can’t put on the table proving his point?

Nothing. He hides the truth because it hurts him.

We see the man can’t speak without a writer handing him his thoughts and feeding them into a computer for him to deliver like a recording he lip-synchs. When he speaks without the teleprompter, he speaks his mind and that’s where the problem is. His mind is rat-infested and holier than Swiss cheese. There’s no real substance to what he offers. He and his get the cheese. We’re left with inedible leftovers.

The problem is everybody else has to share what those mice make available for re-distribution after they’ve done the damage: the digested and nutrient void waste they drop on the table.

Obama didn’t want you to hear that.

Thanks for listening.

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