We Await Obama’s ‘Come To Jesus Moment’

There were questions about why this column is so hard on Beaurat Obama.The response was “because I understand him.” Nothing’s changed.

Obama’s nowhere near the kind of epiphany it takes to stop his self-destructive behaviors and start the healing processes necessary for him to become a valued, human and humane member of the American citizenry. Until he has that “come to Jesus moment”, he’ll continue suffering the pains of his detrimental conduct and infect the American people with his malfeasance.

Harsh terms? Yeah; so are the terms his administration’s been noted for so far. In politics the term “out of touch” is a massive negative. It denotes an inability to empathize with the people he patronizingly forces into indentured servitude though welfare entitlements and heavy handed executive orders engineered to produce votes for him and his cronies come election time.

Anybody suffering from this kind of dysfunction he and I know personally has a tendency to over-compensate in our behavior and interaction with others. In my case alcoholism allowed my family and friends an intimate participation in witnessing and suffering under my poor behaviors.

The same goes for Beaurat. He orders inflationary actions such as the continual printing of increasingly worthless scrip and says he’s the hero. The cost of a loaf of bread rises with the devaluation of the dollar.

Medications costs become prohibitive, requiring governmental subsidy and intervention somewhere, maybe Medicare, maybe Medicaid. Gasoline prices fluctuate regularly based on foreign policy jeopardizing our relationships with allies in and near petro-chemical producing nations.

Obama’s patronizing lip service toward everybody regularly writes checks his backside can’t cover.

Our national energy program is in no way capable or worthy of being called a coherent policy. In order to garner more votes from environmentalists, a minority at best and obstructionist entities at worst, are catered to and allowed a voice greater than their actual political impact to be realized. But their conduct and presence drives Obama to allow his minions to arbitrarily legislate by dictatorial agency specific regulatory fiat. They alone decide what’s good for America: not the voter.

Much of what’s wrong with Obama and his ilk (myself in my own way included) is the need to gain legitimacy by catering to people telling him what he wants to hear. They reward him with their adulation. How else can a campaign such as the one he ran in 2008 manage to gain so much support other than he kept saying what everybody voted for him wanted to hear.

Hope and Change are things everybody wants. What exactly do most people hope for and what is so negative they need to change it?

Their negative is the same as his. They felt invisible, removed from their need for self-determination by a government grown distant and unresponsive to them. He promised he’d listen, and he does: to anybody feeling the same way he does.

If you disagree you’re a racist, illiterate, intemperate or insolent. His bias is as naked as his need for acceptance. He’s offended having it suggested he participates in poorly executed misadventures resulting in the deaths of citizens and aliens. Sorry Beaurat, it happened on your watch it’s your responsibility.

And that’s another point to ponder; when and where exactly in this timeline marching deliberately toward a hostile sunset do we get to see his acceptance of responsibility for anything going wrong over the tenure of his four year presidency?

It’s a trait of dysfunctional people to realign or dismiss blame and personal accountability for actions they had control over at the point it blew up in their faces. It’s never their fault, or we don’t understand the over-arching circumstances brought about the events having the detrimental effect it’s had on everybody. Or, the saddest one so far and the one he uses most often: “this is something I inherited from prior administrations”.

That excuse is so old it’s got a beard and it needs to be retired because in essence it says the man’s too stupid to lead us at least in the right direction in order to get better.

I did say I understand him.

Thanks for listening.

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