What’s The Downside Of Roberts’ Obamacare Ruling?

Okay. So what exactly is the down-side of Chief Justice John Roberts’ ruling in the case of ObamaCare? In a rendition of the faux moral outrage this ruling has been subjected to, we have the Republican Party issuing boilerplate arguments of how the ruling will destroy the United States. The Democrats are still walking around proclaiming ObamaCare is NOT a tax, it’s a penalty for not having bought health insurance.

The Democratic Party can’t have it both ways. Democrats wanted the Supreme Court to say ObamaCare was constitutional. They did. However they also defined ObamaCare as a tax to give you what you said you wanted. To admit the penalty is NOT a tax is to admit the law’s unconstitutionality. The Obama administration does NOT gain the right to declare a ruling they so desperately wanted is wrong because it’s only practicable under the definition issued by the chief arbiter in this debate.

He says it’s a tax; it’s a tax. Shut-up and deal with the fact you’ve levied a $1Trillion dollar tax against our children. That shoe pinches a little bit doesn’t it Mr. Obama? But that’s what you get when you choose style over substance. The appearance doesn’t serve to make the job safer, more productive or actually successful in the end run.

Roberts is getting (Wait for it. It’s Donald Trump’s newest word of the day): excoriated for issuing this ruling. It’s understandable it’ll be a large pill for America to swallow, but it’s also America’s right to vote out the people trying to ram this down the people’s throat. In some people’s viewpoint it’s being administered upward from the other end. Either way it’s forced medication not assured to be in the best interests of the patient. At the very least, it’s not pleasant under any circumstances.

The Republican Party was issued a chainsaw to metaphorically topple the Obama platform for re-election. The presence of termites in Obama’s woodwork (think Eric Holder) has weakened that platform structure and going at it with a vengeance will cut deeply in both directions. Romney must attack ObamaCare while being its genetic progenitor.

The argument RomneyCare is an exercise in the applicability of the 10th Amendment (states’ rights) is weak at best. Romney must show how the Massachusetts Compact he developed is different and actually successful because it was done on a state level. Few laymen can see the difference between the two programs and it’s anything but successful in The Bay State.

It seems the Democrats are bound and determined to re-write anything and everything they find to be contrary to their needs. They want ObamaCare found constitutional but can’t accept the fact it’s a tax, which they bloody-well knew was a tax when they dreamed it up. It’s similar to their wish for the DREAM Act to be passed, but it must be written by a Democrat. Marco Rubio, who has a direct stake in the program, is unacceptable as the author of a similar program because his political affiliation starts with an “R”. The sheer enormity of the Democrat’s self-interest is astounding but moreso because they keep saying the Donkey doesn’t smell as bad as the Elephant.

The fact is Democrats want it all. They want to fundamentally change the United States from a Republican format of Democracy to a Marxist/Socialist form of government where an elite hierarchy can select what’s best for ALL “average citizens”. Oh yeah; those “average citizens” must foot the bill for all of this fundamental change and national dismemberment because the people pushing for the change are always exempted from the application of enforcement provisions the middle-class must survive under.

It appears the Republicans have a solid, steady platform to work from, notwithstanding a couple of worm damaged planks needing removal apologizing for making mistakes along the line.

Fact is; this is the Republican Party’s race to lose. It’ll be close. But, this is a point of concern considering they snatch defeat from the jaws of victory when they chose John McCain as a candidate.

The solution is in the details and how well Romney’s strategists point out those details.

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