About That Cartoon That PO’d You Lefties…

Yesterday was rather involved, so I didn’t really take it upon myself to answer an onslaught of criticism—mostly from social media feeds—over a cartoon I published that ruffled more than a few feathers.

While I was sure that it would be controversial, I was a little taken aback to learn that the cartoon had become somewhat viral as I was trekking across half of Louisiana to attend a screening of Losing Our Sons in Abita Springs—a movie about the rise of radical Islam indoctrination in our country that The Hayride had a hand in promoting.

The show was well attended and I’m sure that the many who saw it last night got as much out of it—as well as the panel discussion that followed—-as I did. Those who weren’t there really missed out, but don’t let it fret you much. We are cooking up some more good stuff we hope to be able to announce soon.

But, let’s get back to this cartoon controversy.

As I mentioned, I was surprised about the size of the stir I had caused, but not unpleasantly so. I had fun reading all the lefty detractors denounce me as a repugnant human being for daring to draw such a thing. One progressive blogger designated it “the worst cartoon of all time.” Upon learning that, I decided to exam it more closely. If it had been honored with such a designation it might even be suitable for framing, I figured.

I pulled the cartoon out and studied it from end-to-end, top-to-bottom, back-to-front and inside-out. That’s kind of hard to do in the digital form it exists in, but I’m a consummate professional.

After reviewing the thing with an open mind, I concluded that it is a work of near genius. It will soon be printed and situated in a frame to occupy an honored spot on my office wall.

By this point, those who have been reading expecting some sort of mea cupla from me should have come to the realization that’s not going to happen. I don’t really do those and, in fact, I usually consider people who do them—like congressmen who getting busted tweeting pictures of their wieners to high school girls—to be committing a greater offense than whatever got them in trouble to start with.

Such apologies are patently dishonest, degrades the offender even more, and is invariably insulting to those they are designed to placate. I won’t be pleading for forgiveness and vowing to reform.

Those who want to see such a thing should just watch this video of former Congressman Anthony Weiner, pretend it’s me doing the groveling and move along.

It’s the best your going to get here:

Given the outrage the cartoon inspired, it was somewhat disheartening to learn some of my harshest critics seem to not understand what I was trying to depict. That really shouldn’t be surprising, I suppose.

Those on the Left, who can’t even comprehend rudimentary economics—you can’t grow an economy by scaring the hell out of business with over regulation, high taxes and the specter of a thing like the Affordable Health Care Act looming—are going to have a hard time wrapping their brains around the complexities of my editorial cartoons.

Genius is often misunderstood, especially among the bigoted. Some explanation might be in order.

To explain the cartoon, it might be helpful to lay out its origin. I had felt the need to do a cartoon on the—as MacAoidh calls it—Todd Akin Kurfuffle, because it was something that had been blanketing cable news and seemed to be great fodder for a cartoon of some sort. Many editorial cartoons had already been done on the subject before I got around to mine. Almost all of them were picking on Akin, rightfully so, and I had a few in mind that would just pile on. I never really like to follow the crowd, so I wanted a different take on the matter.

I wanted to do a cartoon showing how the Akin thing, though a legitimate news story, was being blown out of proportion by the Main-Stream-Media to the detriment of what the November election is really about.

There have been many distractions, but this election is really about an economy that’s been ravaged—raped, if you will—by a federal government under the leadership of the most un-American president in history. By un-American, I don’t mean that Obama was born in Kenya. I fully believe that the man was born in Hawaii and is an American citizen.

His citizenship might be the only thing American about him. His philosophy of radical collectivism—instilled in him from an early age from a secular-humanist, socialists mother who taught him to idolize his absent full-fledged communist, anti-colonists father—is about as far away from the philosophy of rugged, individualism that this country was founded on as you can get.

It was further cultivated by the Marxists he surrounded himself with in academia and in a black liberation theology church he joined and its driving his economic policy as well as overall totalitarian mindset of his administration.

Don’t take my word for it, read Obama’s book, “Dreams From My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance” and decide for yourselves. Remember, it’s dreams FROM my father, not dreams OF my father—-something filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza points out in his new documentary that opened in selected theaters across this state yesterday:

This is a dangerous philosophy that filled hundreds of millions of graves across the earth in the 20th Century. We don’t need it here in the land of the free mucking up the 21st Century. Our country is growing less free daily and won’t remain very free for very long if we give President Obama a second term.

You lefties who saw the cartoon, feigned moral outrage and tried to couch it as belittling rape or demeaning women—get over yourselves.

I revere women. I also revere this country, I even fought in a war for her. It breaks my heart to see what’s happening to her and it’s deadly serious.

Obama’s policies are consuming lively-hoods, taking homes and wrecking lives. Those who thought that I was trying to convey some kind of humor with my cartoon are wrong. It was meant to be provocative. There’s nothing funny about what’s happening to this country under Obama:

What’s worse is that the degrading of the nation is on purpose. His late father might have thought it something of a comeuppance, or his former pastor might have call it America’s chickens “coming home to roost.”

It’s a “legitimate rape,” for someone who has a global distributionist mindset, such as our president. Obama said he couldn’t “disown” his pastor. Well, I won’t disown my cartoon, either. I like the cartoon and I’m proud of it.

Furthermore, y’all should be aware that no one is buying the Left’s selective outrage, anymore. That chicken has flown the coop—with not-so heart felt apologies to Jeremiah Wright.

To paraphrase the late Andrew Breitbart, the jig is up and we know who you are.

The sanctimony might have worked 30 years–20 years–maybe even 10 years ago. It won’t work now. It’s run its course—ye from a party who wants to focus your national convention on the the trumped up conservative “war-on-women,” yet invites Bill Clinton as key-note speaker.

Your progressive policies have run their course, as well, and things are only going to get worse if they continue, as evidenced by a new report from the Congressional Budget Office. With an estimated $20 trillion national debt to come—I think it would even be more—in a second Obama term, America would be done for.

I don’t think that’s going to happen, however. Yeah, after 100 years in the making, I believe Progressivism is about done here and will soon end up in the dustpan of history. American knows the truth. Obama’s disastrous presidency has woken the nation from a long slumber.

A big step toward stopping the ravaging of our nation is coming Nov. 6. See you in the rear-view, lefties.

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