CATO’s John Samples Issues A Devastating Retort To Aaron Sorkin…

…on the latter’s treatment of the Citizens United case.

Well worth two minutes of your time.

Samples hits on the crux of Citizens United, which is not that all this money is entering the political sphere – that’s a lie spread by the Left, in that the money going into politics was going into politics regardless. The crux of Citizens United is that before that case the only corporations allowed to enter the public sphere with political speech were those who owned TV networks, or radio stations, or newspapers. But now after Citizens United, people who don’t own media companies are also able to enter the public sphere with political speech. And Samples is correct that the legacy media people, of whom Sorkin is one, don’t like it.

And further, they’re lying about it in an effort to hold market share.

Hat tip: Ace Of Spades.



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