DICK MORRIS VIDEO: I’ve Got The Real Poll Numbers

Morris is saying don’t believe the hype or, rather, don’t buy the crap being shoveled by the Main-Stream-Media that Obama is running away with the election. The data he has shows that exactly the opposite is happening and the stars could line up to give Romney a landslide victory over the president analogous to the whooping Obama gave McCain back in 2008:

Anything can happen between now and November, but the picture Morris is painting makes a lot more sense than the yarn being spun by the media that Obama has the presidential election wrapped up. Even though the MSM is doing Obama’s bidding, you can bet that his campaign sees things a lot more the way Morris lays them out.

This is evidenced by the desperate lengths Democrats are going through to defame Romney, from dispatching hapless Harry Reid to gossip about Romney’s tax filings to the latest ad from an Obama super PAC that has the Republican nominee offing a poor man’s wife with cancer.

Ask yourself if this looks like something that would come out of a campaign that’s confident of coasting back into office with the ease being portrayed by many in the media:

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