Dodge Ball With Hand Grenades

This year’s Presidential Campaign has combatants playing Dodge Ball with Hand Grenades. Obama’s crew is adept at the game and understands the primary rule of there being no rules and the end justifies the means. They don’t understand you mustn’t wait too long to throw the grenade after you pull the pin.

It can blow-up in your face.

The Dems latest element assails Mitt Romney with television commercials alleging a total moral deficiency made evident when Romney allegedly closed a failing company. This closure appears to have caused the death of a woman, through the once before alluded to Martial Arts phenomenon known as Dim Mak (or as it’s called in Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi’s case – Dim Wit). Dim Mak is when you deliver a covert killing strike taking hours, maybe years to finally kill the victim.

When it comes to Reid and Pelosi the victim dies of laughter at the transparency of their lame tries at weakening their opponents. They’re really not very good at what they do including conducting governance over America. They’re pathetic.

Reid’s dribbling vapid accusations based on undisclosed accusers saying Romney didn’t file taxes for a ten year period. He says nothing else, ad infinitum, ad nauseum. He parrots the same garbage continually. Pelosi’s come off the bench, or more specifically out of her kitty litter, to spit, hiss and shoot her own brand of verbal diarrhea to cover Harry’s back. Debbie Wasserman Schultz is involved also.

Remember Alinsky’s Law: if you tell a lie long enough and often enough people start believing it’s the truth.

Facts be known; the guy (identified as Mr. Joe Soptic) in the commercial did work for a company Bain Capital acquired. Bain kept the company alive until progressive, DEMOCRATIC PARTY initiated programs allowing cheap steel to enter the market from China broke the camel’s back and the company folded. The actor lost his benefits because the steel company was driven out of business by Chinese Steel having an unfair economic advantage in the marketplace over the American company. The actor’s wife was employed with another company and had her own health insurance plan covering her. This company wasn’t controlled by Bain Capital.  Five years after the fact, the wife developed cancer and subsequently died. The actor blames Romney who’d left Bain Capital and was involved in other projects (running the Winter Olympics and becoming governor of Massachusetts). The actor gives the impression and says outright Romney doesn’t care about the plight of a woman NEVER under his benefits plan or in the realm of his responsibility.

Witness the delivery of the hand-grenade. We’ll watch and wait to see whether this thing blows-up injuring Romney or permanently destroys the Democrat’s credibility when combined with Reid’s bombast concerning the taxes.

Everything these fools nurture and try growing runs the risk of failing in the fallow field of their non-existent personal integrity. Reid’s shown he has none and nothing need be said about old “pass it to read it” Pelosi. Again the ends justify the means for people with no scruples.

The American people are highly impressionable, but they aren’t totally stupid as some people want us to believe. In a political campaign it’s to be understood there’ll be a certain amount of name-calling and chicanery to distract the voter from the facts needing to be addressed. This is normal because nobody on either side wants their dirty laundry or lack of commitment to telling the truth to be fully understood as it concerns the issues. But the assassination of another person’s character in an outright vile and vicious manner based on lies (YES! Harry Reid is a known liar and virtually devoid of any traces of personal integrity as noted whenever he speaks. WE have it on good, anonymous authority.)

Some news flash wouldn’t you say? We continually watch the train wreck we call American politics

Reid and Pelosi have been trying their hands at sleight-of-hand for many years. But, the audience is growing weary of watching the same old act over and over again. We need a little variety before our brains numb as badly as theirs.

Thanks for listening.

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