…don’t like this too much.

We don’t really need a Cat 2, or even a Cat 1, up in here.

Let’s have this thing go the hell away. But I got a real bad feelin’ about this one. I’m thinkin’ we’re gonna get pounded.

Went and looked this up, and started feelin’ even worse…

That’s the Gulf heat map. The more orange it gets, the more screwed we are if a hurricane gets in there. And if you’ll watch the loop a couple of times and look at the date in the top right you’ll see it’s been heatin’ up a lot over the last week, just in time for a storm to get in there and feed on it.

Voila. Here comes Ernesto.

Here’s the map WAFB had tonight…

And I’ll tell you something else. This you can pretty much set your watch on – that thing goes in the Gulf and pretty much every rig out there closes up shop for the duration. Watch oil prices make a nice lil’ jump in the next couple weeks.

Sure hope I’m wrong and he goes away. This is one illegal alien we really don’t want around here.




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