AUDIO: The Howard Stern Harlem Interviews

A little expose’ of the “low-information voters” out there.

For this, they’re calling Stern racist. As though there’s any doubt that much of the core Obama voting base has a clue – regardless of race. Go to any bad neighborhood and ask the man on the street a bunch of basic civics questions or gauge the level of their acumen where it comes to policy or history. Black, white or otherwise you’ll find an appalling ignorance about the fundamentals. There is no stronger indictment of our public education system than man-on-the-street interviews like these in neighborhoods where free education provided by unionized drones is the sole driver of political knowledge.

Go talk to these people, and then come back and tell us all how important it is that everybody get out and vote – which you’ll hear from the do-gooder types out there. Because it’s healthy for the republic to get as many people with this level of ignorance about current events to have the same electoral say as people who actually have a clue what’s going on…

We’re for relatively low turnout. We think low turnout produces a better-quality electorate. If you’re not willing to put in the work to be at least reasonably informed about the world around you, you’re hardly serving your community by sticking your nose in things you have no clue about.

We’re not here to say black people shouldn’t vote, contrary to what the lefties who pick up on this will doubtlessly say. We’re not even here to say the Obama base voters shouldn’t vote, though we’re tempted to spread the word that for them the election is on Nov. 7.

But what we will say is that people who are as ignorant as the clowns Stern found in Harlem – and there are clowns like that all over the place, particularly in the areas the Soros-funded “voter participation” outfits are busy registering voters – should stay home for the good of the country. Stupidity might not be reversible, but ignorance is. You don’t need a triple-digit IQ to know who Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are, where they come from and what their philosophy is in contrast to Obama and Joe Biden.

Of course, those “voter participation” outfits have no interest in improving the quality of the electorate. They want it dumbed down. They want to tear down the Constitution, and the best way to do that is to dilute the people who love and understand the Constitution with people who can’t even spell the word. So they preach the gospel of voting-as-a-right without any semblance of respect for voting-as-a-RESPONSIBILITY. None of the “voter participation” outfits out there bother attempting to inform the electorate; they just want the ignorant to show up at the polls. Because they know the ignorant will vote for the candidate who can out-promise the other guy, and the more ignorant they can turn out on Election Day the better the chance their candidates, who are expert demagogues and promisers, have to carry the day.

The results of Stern’s Harlem interviews are appalling. But they’re not surprising. Somebody has been attempting to get those results all along. Somebody benefits from those results.

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