Eastwood Made My Day

Am I the only one really understood what Clint Eastwood was doing and said at the Republican National Convention (RNC)? I know Obama and his wing-nuts couldn’t get a clue if Sherlock Holmes sat in their laps and spoon fed them the information. But really; must every pundit website ask dumb questions like: “Eastwood, rambling or on point?”

Eastwood nailed it. He really got it together, presented it and dropped it in Obama’s lap so his puppies could whine and moan because it wasn’t chewed for them beforehand.

Eastwood spoke to an empty chair.

What other metaphor better describes Obama’s administration? We made the analogy of Obama being “All hat and no cattle.” We’ve drawn attention to the fact Obama’s accomplished NOTHING during his incumbency. His only promise kept, a promise now recognized as a threat, was to fundamentally change America as we know it. He’s done that.

We’ve gone from being the most prolifically productive and compassionate nation on the planet to being viewed as second rate in economic security. We’ve alienated traditionally stalwart allies to the point they don’t trust us anymore. But, we do know Obama will have greater latitude to act in favor of his friends in Russia if re-elected. He said so in a “hot mic” incident where the idiot forgot we could hear him.

Our Congress is more polarized than it’s been in the last sixty years. Obama and his dummies have consistently promised transparency. That means we should see you work for US; not your own selfish goals Beaurat. Instead of being transparent and allowing us to watch Obama et al,  accomplish work goals in our behalf, we’ve seen the Democrats “sull-up” obstinately and refuse to pass a budget in over three years. We pay them to do nothing in the Senate. We pay Obama to feign herding cats with no conscience. The Democrats had to be shamed into stopping the self-serving perks allowing people like Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi to become millionaires many times over while trampling roughshod over our rights.

Now transparency means we see right through you.

Clint Eastwood is an 82 year old American and it appears he’s darned proud of it. The man is an experienced participant in his status of American Citizen and still believes in the ideals of American Exceptionalism.

He’s worked, paid taxes and watched this country slowly dissolve under the corrosive elements of Progressivism and covert Socialism creeping across a growing landscape of apathetic citizens. He’s witnessed the wolves picking the citizens’ bones clean in the heat of political fires not tended to and controlled. Now, we’re running to escape the wildfire.

We’re facing a new, more revolutionary concept than has been known since 1776. We’re witnessing the need we mid-wife the re-birth of American ideals. We must bring this American child into today’s world and make those ideals: liberty, justice, integrity, honesty, straight-talk and confidence evident in the way we walk across the world and a drive to let others know America is exceptional. We need to hear that baby wail it’s re-birth cry telling everybody: “We’re here and we won’t be ignored or set aside because somebody’s too lazy to accept their responsibilities to keep us alive and well!”

America lives.

Eastwood, spoke eloquently about what he sees is wrong. He spoke from his life experience concerning the fact he, and his countrymen, have been let down by hucksters, liars and political hacks distorting the truth for personal gain. The statement concerning non-performing employees: “Sometimes you’ve got to let them go”; rang true. He addressed an audience melding into a solid mass rejecting left-wing ideologies and this move toward statist dependency.

Eastwood has participated in a lot of American history. He’s seen, done and endured more than any jack-legged Kenyan/Indonesian wannabe.

He spoke for every citizen wanting to be free and independent of the overseer’s largesse tempting the slave with sustenance it won’t deliver. The overseer will eventually use the whip on Americans starving for freedom to excel.

When Eastwood spoke, he spoke the truth. That was a novelty for me to hear. He made my day. I like that.

Thanks for listening.

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