God Bless The New York Post

This is the best cover anybody’s ever done.

Fact is, Ahmedinejad should be denied entry into the United States. Let the UN complain about it if they want; he has to come to America to visit the UN, and we have the right to deny admission to enemies of the country.

Ahmedinejad should have been denied admission into the U.S. as retaliation for the IED’s his country was manufacturing to kill our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Now that he’s trying to build nukes to kill American civilians, he absolutely shouldn’t be let in the country. Particularly given that Ahmedinejad was one of the “students” who stormed our embassy in Tehran and took our personnel hostage – he probably should have been arrested at JFK and put on trial for it the minute he arrived here the first time.

Our government lacks the stones to treat this bastard as he deserves to be treated – or even walk out during his genocidal anti-Israel rant from the UN lectern, which was a new low. At least the New York Post isn’t afflicted with the same slavish delicacy.

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