MIND-BLOWING: Watch Glenn Beck’s ‘The Project’ Here

Perhaps the best piece of investigative journalism you’ll see this year is this documentary, embedded below in two parts. It’s ‘The Project,’ and it’s a rundown of the Muslim Brotherhood’s long-term strategy for transforming the United States into a nation subservient to the Muslim world or even run by Muslims.

The information contained in this documentary is specifically sourced in detail. It is fact. And it is terrifying. It points to the success of an enemy influence operation more comprehensive than even the efforts of the Soviet KGB during the Cold War.

And if you want to call that characterization Islamophobic, feel free. We are proud Islamophobes here at the Hayride – because we understand history and we understand the nature of political Islam, and we know that Sharia law is wholly alien, incompatible and hostile to American society and cultural values.

‘The Project’ demonstrates this, and illuminates the threat.

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