Muffled Oars

Those “muffled oars,”
For however quiet they may be,
All readers understand,
That strange and fearsome doings are afoot,
That treachery lurks just beyond our ken,
That safety may lie straight ahead, bu
Courageous acts might still fall short, while grunting evil seeks to waste the love,
Of self, of family, of country, or only of that one quiet fearful girl
Fog condensing like rain upon her face, who worries over what waits for her
Upon a dark and shrouded shore.

Posted by John C. Brown w/ thanks to Roald Dahl “Television,” 10-12-2010

My reading is rather diverse. I feel as much at home with Plato and Aristotle as I do with Dr. Seuss and Mother Goose. Prose leads me. Poetry entreats me. And in the end my duty is to see God’s grace from a different eye viewing a different plain on a different day.

Poetry is a metered and deliberate form of communication meant to speak the daily world from an artist’s viewpoint. It carries meaning hidden in rhyme and belief concealed in art. Where people see articulation and the flowery speech of a writer painting a picture of one perception he may really be sounding a warning against what he knows and appreciates as dangerous. He sounds the alarm.

Such is the case with this poem. Such is the case with this column.

The “muffled oars” point to something dangerous happening. Measures were taken to conceal the movement, guard the effort and obscure the action taking place that’s dangerous to the reader. When Paul Revere crossed the Charles River on that fateful night, he was rowed in a boat with “muffled oars” so sentries wouldn’t hear them passing.

Actions are taking place within the range of our senses we’re not using to detect the danger afoot. There’s intrigue conducted. The internal structure of our nation is, at this moment, being consumed by the dishonorable intent of people masquerading as American leaders. Many people accept the idea that some people are crackpots. They see conspiracy in everything. But, even paranoids have enemies.

I work with words and understand how they can be twisted, misshapen and outright misused by people with personal agendas. Because a man says he’s honest isn’t reason to accept his words as gospel. Remember: Lucifer was God’s most beautiful angel. Therefore we must acknowledge appearances can be (and often are) deceiving when it comes to politicians. “Words are like honey to the ear and sweetness to balm the souls of man and child when he would weary in his toil.” Sound good? It means nothing more than what you want it to mean.

What’s happening in reality is you’re being lulled into a drowsy state by misleading words differing from actions taking place. Wake up! The foxes (Obama and his cronies) are in the hen house.

Beaurat Obama says he’s a Christian. I say he’s a liar. He’s on video proclaiming he holds “Muslim faith”. He coddles Islamic terrorists and says they’re in the minority. He risks Israel to appease Islam. He insults our allies and pushes them away willfully. The Qur’an says all Muslim people must conduct unending Jihad against all infidels (non-believers). The Qur’an says they must enslave or convert those infidels.

Where Christians ask: “what would Jesus do?” Islam asks: “what did Mohammed do?” The difference between “would” (contemplative and reasoning) and “did” (past tense for action to be emulated by the follower) is profound when considering what course a modern man will follow. Muslims are exhorted to do as Mohammed DID! Remember? There is but one god and his name is Allah and Mohammed is his prophet (as they believe). Your God doesn’t matter and is an affront to them and an insult before Allah.

Will a man consider all points moving toward justice and peace among brothers; or will he follow what Mohammed said and did do which was vile, self-serving; violently and politically chauvinistic in religion as practiced? The Qur’an says to ACT! in the name of Allah; not sit around contemplating action.

Watch the actions. What you witness says more than what they tell you to see.

Thanks for listening.

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