No Lion In Winter

The Conservative Campaign for the Presidency of the United States is in trouble. Where Beaurat Obama and his Band o’ Bros and Hoes inflamed the consciousness of the American people with mock oratory masquerading as being something of substance; Conservatives have a modified copy of a Marshmallow man assuring us he’s got greater substance than the guy he’s up against.

They’re both full of hot air. But, Obama lights an internal fire in the unknowing; those wanting to be involved electors not realizing he has no wish whatsoever for them to control anything let alone him and his goals. He’s dashing and romantic and appears the social swash-buckler.

Conservatives have Romney: steady, plodding, honest, capable and as boring as bottled water at a wine-tasting. He has NO oxygen to accelerate the flames in our bellies to make us the wildfire covering our horizon as we seek to bring fresh growth from the scorched earth Obama’s left us. Where Obama gives us appearances he’ll set the bed afire with the flaming passion of his rhetoric, Romney assures us he’ll give us fresh linen and neatly folded hospital corners.

A presidential campaign is a matter of appearances and Obama’s a chameleon. Where he can’t change his basic outline he can shift the hues and colors of his skin to please the audience he’s going after. Want foreign policy? Slide Marxist progressive policies to the socialist tints and pink hues addressing the way we deal with foreign based challenges. Want economic development at home? Shift the blame and color it American red, like the stripes on the flag, because everybody knows it’s cool to be blue. Obama says American Red is shocking, divisive and confrontational. It points and says: “HEY! Look over here! I have another way!” Blue is tranquil, calm and everything serene in this utopian socialist accented economy we’ll redistribute.

Romney may snatch defeat from the jaws of victory simply because he’s as passionate about what he says as a wet wash rag. He’s an expert businessman. That’s given. But, he’s boring. And he’s not hitting the issues he needs to hit.

He anesthetizes his audience with every campaign appearance. He isn’t enticing that undecided 6% to shift to the right unless it’s to adjust the pillow he’s handed them. His lethargic statements and emotionless bullet points that, though true and really needing to be paid attention to, leave his audience wanting more. They don’t want more of him. They do want more drive; more strength of purpose, more dedication to the delivery of the ideals advertised from a candidate they believe is exciting and dynamic.

Romney’s campaign is weighted with efforts to list Obama’s past statements, gaffes and proclamations showing him to be what he is: a Marxist. The problem is, few of this generation ever knew, and care less about what happens to a society controlled by its government. They have no first hand examples of mentors speaking from personal experience as to what those horrors are.

Forced, universal conscription under a totalitarian government is meant to scare children in their night clothes. Government rationing of food, health care, transportation, housing; the diminished shares of sustenance and foodstuffs; the collectivization of work places and production sounds really good to intellectuals and dreamers wanting to never wake from the euphoria they experience after drinking the psychedelic Kool-Aid ® Obama serves.

But, East Germans, Croatians, Slavs and Estonians lost their identities under the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. They were lost for decades after absorption by the soviet.

Romney can’t match the oratorical fervor of a Mao, a Lenin, a Trotsky or an Obama dangling the carrot sure to lead the unknowing into the snare will lead to destruction. He isn’t competing for our attention because his delivery of the righteous, real alternative is flat. It’s like he’s not excited about delivering the vaccine inoculating us from the poison Obama delivers every day he controls Executive Orders.

I hoped Romney would step up to the plate for America.  I hoped for a lion in winter. We got a limp wristed paper tiger. That’s a pity. We deserve better.

Thanks for listening.

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