Obama Girl Is Back—And Less Attractive

We all remember Obama Girl and the crush she in 2008 on the man who now sits in the Oval Office. Well, it turns out that she was just another composite girlfriend.

The woman we knew as Obama Girl—sexy, bikini-clad Amber Lee Ettinger—wasn’t really Obama Girl at all. She was just a model hired to lip-sync a song written and performed by a less attractive woman, Leah Kauffman.

Alas, nothing looks as good as it did back in 2008 where Obama is concerned.

Since the last presidential election, Ettinger no longer wants her wagon hitched to Obama and the real Obama girl has stepped from behind the curtain. We understand why she was back there in the first place.

If Kauffman would have been the face (and body) of Obama Girl four years back the video wouldn’t have exactly gone as viral as it did with Ettinger. We doubt anyone would have seen it at all.

Here is the real Obama Girl letting us know that she still has a crush on the president. Be warned. Kauffman isn’t the hottie Ettinger was—which was the only reason to ever sit through the last Obama Girl video. You’ll also have to see a depiction of Mitt Romney making out with Rick Santorum and dancers who look like they were pulled from a Tri-Lamb/Omega Mu mixer should you watch this.

Apparently, Obama still leaves Kauffman “hot and speechless.”  Love is blind, not to mention stupid:

There are a couple of things that escape me. Does the line, “I like your immigration policy; I’d let you stay inside my country,” mean that Kauffman is a birther? I guess that it’s supposed to be some kind of sexual innuendo, but I don’t get it.

“I’ll give you service in secret,” is a more to the point, but someone needs to let Obama Girl know that Bill Clinton isn’t running for office.

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