Photo Ops As PsyOps

The drama descended like a wet blanket on Plaquemines Parish as Obama and Romney slipped in for photo opportunities (photo ops). In reality it’s no more than a matter of PsyOps (Psychological Operations) designed to make people feel they’re; a.) Concerned for their safety and situation and, b.) that they alone can get something accomplished.

Both are erroneous in their thinking and just plain wrong in their motivation. I have no doubt, somewhere buried within the depths of his cheater’s heart Beaurat Obama cares. He cares about looking good. He cares about making sure he’s reading and reciting his teleprompted thoughts properly.

Obama’s caring is as General Schwartzkopf once said concerning Saddam Hussein: “That statement sir is bovine scatology. As far as Saddam Hussein being a great military strategist, he is neither a strategist, nor is he schooled in the operational art, nor is he a tactician, nor is he a general, nor is he a soldier. Other than that he’s a great military man…” Substitute the words: “great, military, strategist, tactician, general and soldier” with the word president and you have a true statement. The guy’s incompetent and the evidence lays like fresh cow patties in a sack dropped from a great height. It has mass, it has weight, but it’s shapeless, heavy to remove and stinks when you examine it.

The main reason for any politician to attend a catastrophe is to get into the consciousness of the victims and make understood you feel their pain. You know; like politicians have had their worlds inundated by floodwaters numerous times in the past decade. What Obama knows about this pain is only defined by the impact of his rubber ducky falling from his bathtub. The depth of emotion nowhere near approaches the feelings of what these people suffer now. I’ll see one more politician standing at a dais with his sleeves rolled up, feigning his/her readiness to “get to work”; and I’m going to puke. Why not simply invest in short-sleeved shirts? At least it looks like you’re aware you’ll get dirty. Governor Blanco couldn’t pull it off.

Politicians don’t like getting dirty. They just want to look like they know what work’s all about.

Romney travelled to Plaquemines Parish, beating Obama to the punch because Obama wasn’t told he needed to attend a crisis culminating in the displacement of hundreds of families and the destruction of possibly billions of dollars of property. Obama remembered he’d “just been there” looking at oils spots on the beach after the BP Oil Spill. That colossal waste of time and digital pixels showed us a president berating a governor who won’t be intimidated by empty rhetoric and a president NOT allowed off of the beach. We mustn’t get his Stacy Adams shoes wet while examining the truly threatening thickness of the raw petroleum scarring our wetlands. He might have to deal with reality.

Romney’s effort was of little use other than to assure the folks he’s aware of their plight. It was no more than fluffy campaign posturing but he at least was honest saying he was there to learn what happened and how it was being handled for future references. A political candidate saying he has something to learn is novel. It’s so new it smacks of originality because we haven’t seen any of that type of humility from Beaurat Obama yet. I’d say Romney got into people’s heads more efficiently than the “Imposter in Chief”.

Politicians descend on disasters like vultures sitting patiently before approaching with their real intent. They’ll cluck their tongues, extend an arm for a lop-sided embrace and start flapping their lips and bumping their gums while telling everybody: “We are going to make sure that at the federal level, we are getting on the case very quickly figuring out exactly what happened here and what we can do to make sure it doesn’t happen again”.

That’s stupid. Isaac was a hurricane and no matter what Obama’s people tell him he can’t control the weather by Executive Fiat.

Before he tries getting into somebody else’s head he needs to pull his out of his southern region.

Thanks for listening.

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