BAYHAM: Four Candidates Worth Backing

With the federal election less than a week away the time for conservatives to make an impact is drawing near. It’s not too late to lend a hand by phone banking from home, writing a check or donating on-line in a number of important elections across the country.

There are a few Republican senate candidates who conservatives residing in either solidly red states or hopelessly blue states should consider supporting.

George Allen – The former Virginia governor is in the midst of a political comeback this November and is running for the very seat he lost six years ago. Admittedly it was a tough year for Republicans though Allen made even more difficult for himself by taunting a Democratic field operative at a campaign rally. Had Allen survived that race, he would have sought the Republican presidential nomination in 2008 and probably won it as conservatives were lining up behind his nascent candidacy. And then the “macaca” hit the fan.

Allen is locked in a tight race with Tim Kaine, a former Virginia governor and President Obama’s chosen chairman of Democratic National Committee. Kaine was reportedly on Obama’s shortlist for running mate in 2008 and he is harboring ambitions for even higher office later. As the presidential race is very close in the Old Dominion, helping Allen would help out Mitt Romney’s chances there.

Tommy Thompson – Another former governor, Thompson served as Secretary of Health and Human Services under President George W. Bush. Thompson is seeking the seat held by retiring Democrat Senator Herb Kohl. Thompson was elected governor of the swing state of Wisconsin on four occasions and is credited with creating “workfare” while in office.

Despite his political success in a state is figuring to be important in this year’s presidential election and his conservative credentials as governor, Thompson endured abruising primary en route to winning the party nomination by only three points in a four-candidate field.

Thompson’s opponent in the general election is Democratic US Representative Tammy Baldwin, one of the most liberal members in all of Congress. Baldwin has been a vociferous advocate for same-sex marriage since her days in the Wisconsin legislature in the mid-nineties and co-authored a measure to impeach Vice-President Dick Cheney.

Wisconsin voters should be worried that Baldwin’s focus as a US Senator will be on advancing her radical “progressive” agenda on the national stage and not the interests of her state. While Tommy Thompson might not be the flashiest Republican running for office in America, “Senator” Baldwin will prove herself to be a constant source of excitement for conservatives of all stripes, social, defense and fiscal.

The only way to stop Baldwin is to elect Thompson, who has a slight lead in the most recent polls though the presidential race in Wisconsin might carry the Democrat over the line if Obama wins the Badger State.

Josh Mandel – Admittedly Mandel is a longshot. His Democratic opponent, incumbent US Senator Sherrod Brown, has led in every poll I’ve seen though Mandel has closed the once large gulf between them. But Mandel matters for a bunch of reasons.

First, he’s running in Ohio- the state that the media has been saying that will choose the winner of the presidential election. Well up until Romney took a slight lead. The point is the stronger Mandel performs, the better for the top of the GOP ticket in the Buckeye State.

Secondly, Mandel served in the Marine Corps Reserve and was deployed to Iraq in 2004 and 2008.

Thirdly Mandel, who is Jewish, is not your typical Republican candidate for US Senator or for that matter any office higher than councilman. He’s only 35 years old, which is exactly what the party needs for America to see- that the GOP doesn’t stand for Grumpy Old Politicians.

Mandel is not a good bet to win but he is a great candidate running in an important state.

Scott Brown – The Massachusetts senate race is the second most important election in America. While he’s not the most conservative Republican in Washington, Brown is the most conservative politician that can win in Massachusetts. And he’s running for re-election against what is perhaps the worst Democrat on the November ballot not named Barack Obama: Elizabeth Warren.

If you think the media’s in the tank for the president, get familiar with their fawning coverage of the leftist Harvard professor. And the liberal establishment has big plans for her after Warren dispenses with the formality of her victory over Senator Brown.

Though burdened with sharing space on a presidential ballot in a state so blue its resident presidential candidate will be lucky if he breaks 40%, Brown has fought hard to keep the race within the statistical margin of error.

In their first debate, Brown challenged the Warren, a Caucasian, on her “Cherokee” status and whether she exploited her ludicrous racial minority claim for personal advancement. While in some cases physical appearances can be deceiving related to ancestry, Professor Warren has as much chance of being taken for a Native American as Joe Biden does as a Mongolian.

Professor Warren represents the worst in liberal hypocrisy: a class baiting elitist who falsely masqueraded as a member of an ethnic minority to get ahead.

That a Brown victory helps advance the GOP’s prospects of taking the senate is almost secondary to Warren’s defeat.

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