Debbie Wasserman Schultz Has ‘No Idea’ About Obama’s Kill List

We’re going to be really sad when Debbie gets fired from her job as the head of the Democrat National Committee after the election, because it’s hard to imagine her replacement will be as gaffe-prone or comically hacktastic as she is.

And when the independent journalist outfit caught up with her last Thursday in the spin room at Hofstra it was a perfect example…

But when Luke Rudkowski brings up Obama’s “kill list” of terrorist targets he’s working to take out — due process be damned — the conversation turns amazingly, awesomely awful real fast. Wasserman Schultz purports to have no idea what this list even is. She may be playing dumb, but her facial expressions in the video lead me to believe that she thinks she’s being punked and that Rudkowski is some sort of Borat knockoff:

We concur with Reason Magazine. Wasserman Schultz isn’t lying there. She’s clueless. She has no idea that those drone strikes which are killing Al Qaeda bad guys (including Anwar al-Awlaki, an American citizen) are directly ordered by the president off a kill list and the president is watching videos of the strikes.

All of which has been fairly widely reported. Including no less a right-wing outfit than the New York Times.

And yet the chair of the Democrat National Committee really doesn’t know about it.

Glenn Greenwald at the left-wing Guardian (UK) is horrified…

Anyone who observes politics closely has a very low bar of expectations. It’s almost inevitable to become cynical – even jaded – about just how inept and inane top Washington officials are. Still, even processing this through those lowly standards, I just find this staggering. Staggering and repellent. This is an elected official in Congress, the body that the Constitution designed to impose checks on the president’s abuses of power, and she does not have the foggiest idea what is happening in the White House, and obviously does not care in the slightest, because the person doing it is part of the party she leads.

One expects corrupt partisan loyalty from people like Wasserman Schultz, eager to excuse anything and everything a Democratic president does. That’s a total abdication of her duty as a member of Congress, but that’s par for the course. But one does not expect this level of ignorance, the ability to stay entirely unaware of one of the most extremist powers a president has claimed in US history, trumpeted on the front-page of the New York Times and virtually everywhere else.

And Hot Air’s Allahpundit is hooting

If you missed this in Headlines this weekend, or even if you glanced at it in Headlines but didn’t watch the clip, stop what you’re doing and watch now. My assumption always with DWS is that she knows the truth but is happy to lie to any extent her party needs, which is why you and I know her as America’s most lifelike talking-points robot. Not this time, though. Her ignorance is palpably genuine; she reacts the way you’d expect her to react if this guy had asked her where the government got the thermite used to blow up the World Trade Center. Two things here. One: Needless to say, this is no boutique counterterrorism issue. She’s not being asked whether she knows how many people work for JSOC, for instance. She’s being asked about the president maintaining a list of people to be targeted for death by U.S. intelligence, one of whom was a U.S. citizen. A member of Congress, not to mention chairman of the DNC, should probably have an opinion on that, no?

One wonders whether Wasserman Schultz’ ignorance is willful. One imagines her, fingers in her ears, screaming “Lalalalalalala” at the top of her lungs when MSNBC covers the New York Times’ “kill list” story back in 2010.

Either way, she’s entertaining in a watch-the-bodies-of-your-enemies-float-down-the-river fashion. And it will be a sad thing to see her return to the back bench.

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