MSNBC Circus Clown Larry O’Donnell To Tagg Romney: Take A Swing At Me

Do we chalk this up to thuggery, or shameless trolling for ratings?

What brought this on was an interview with Mitt Romney’s son Tagg, in which the latter expressed that having his father be called a liar by President Obama in a debate makes him want to run onto the stage and fight Obama – which he won’t do, of course, because of the Secret Service and also because that’s not how we do politics in this country.

Tagg is entitled to feel that way, though, and most of us see that as understandable. You’re allowed to feel like that in America so long as you don’t disturb the peace or anyone’s personal safety by acting on it.

These are truths which apparently never penetrated the cranium of MSNBC’s scum-sucking bottom feeder host Lawrence O’Donnell, who picks up on the Tagg Romney interview to drive the discussion to a new low…

Here’s a thought experiment – if Rush Limbaugh had engaged in this kind of behavior, what would the backlash be? Limbaugh jokingly referred to Sandra Fluke as a slut after calculating the amount of birth control required in order to spend $3,000 on it over the course of a law school career, and cretins like O’Donnell demanded and got some of his advertisers to drop the show. Limbaugh didn’t suggest any physical harm come to Fluke, and he apologized shortly after making the joke.

O’Donnell challenges a presidential candidate’s son to physical combat? On the air? What are the consequences to that?

And by the way, O’Donnell is a flat-out fraud in his own right by claiming that he comes from some hellhole slum of a neighborhood. From the Wikipedia entry on him…

O’Donnell was born in Boston on November 7, 1951; the son of Frances Marie (née Buckley), an office manager, and Lawrence Francis O’Donnell, Sr., an attorney. He attended St. Sebastian’s School ’70, where he was captain of his baseball team, and graduated from Harvard College in 1976. While at Harvard, he wrote for the Harvard Lampoon and was popular among its members due to his wit and sarcasm.

Frankly, I hope Tagg Romney takes O’Donnell up on his challenge, and I’d like to see him thrash O’Donnell within an inch of his life. At least it might teach this puerile blowhard some manners.

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