NEW O’KEEFE VIDEO: Rep. Jim Moran’s Son Colluding In Voter Fraud?

Gotta love this one.

It’s a little entrappy, if that’s a word, but it’s great stuff. The gist is, they sent somebody to see Pat Moran, who is the kid of Rep. Jim Moran – a REALLY obnoxious dick of a Democrat from Virginia – and the “field director” for his dad’s campaign, and told him they had a list of like 100 people who never vote and they were gonna send stooges into the polling booths as these people so as to pull the lever for Moran, and Obama, and this Tim Kaine guy the Dems are runnin’ for Senate in Virginia.

Which sounds like a pretty harebrained idea, and somethin’ you would expect Mr. I-Got-My-Job-As-My-Dad’s-Field-Director-Because-Of-My-Faggy-Scarf-And-My-Dad-Wanting-His-Campaign-To-Pay-For-My-Allowance-But-Mostly-Because-Of-My-Dad-Wanting-His-Campaign-To-Pay-For-My-Allowance to roll his eyes and run away from lickety-split.

Except he doesn’t. He carries on a conversation with the undercover reporter dude for almost 20 minutes, first kinda freakin’ out about it and then givin’ advice on how to do it without gettin’ caught.

Here, watch for yourself.

How big a deal is this? Maybe not enough to shake the earth or get Junior’s Dad beat. But definitely enough to make for a royal embarrassment. And certainly enough to make clowns out of the “voter fraud NEVAH happens” crowd.

Didja know that they got hundreds of registered voters 110 years old or older in North Carolina? Nah, no voter fraud there. It don’t ever happen.

UPDATE – DA PIMP GETS RESULTS: Mr. I-Got-My-Job-As-My-Dad’s-Field-Director-Because-Of-My-Faggy-Scarf-And-My-Dad-Wanting-His-Campaign-To-Pay-For-My-Allowance-But-Mostly-Because-Of-My-Dad-Wanting-His-Campaign-To-Pay-For-My-Allowance has resigned.

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