So…They Wanna Talk About Abortion, Huh?

MacAoidh can’t stand that issue and he’s told us he doesn’t wanna focus on it at the Hayride. I get the impression he’s pro-life, but he thinks talking about that scares the fish away.

He’s probably right. People do get creeped out when that topic comes up. On both sides.

And that’s kinda what Mitt Romney’s take on it seems to be. Romney’s campaign has stayed away from abortion as much as possible, though it came up a little this week when Romney said he didn’t see any abortion legislation out there that he was going to jump on.

He caught hell for that, even though there’s no reason why he should have. The battle lines on abortion are pretty stable for now, more or less; until something big changes on the Supreme Court, which probably will happen if Romney wins, you won’t see any big federal bills that change the way abortion policy works. And Romney clarified and said if he’s president he’d de-fund Planned Parenthood since giving Planned Parenthood money more or less means the feds are funding abortions; he also said he’d bring back the Mexico City policy, which has to do with the federal government giving money in foreign aid to people who do abortions.

And of course, the sum of all that stuff means Romney’s an extreme guy on abortion.

Says the camp of the guy currently in office. Because he’s REAL mainstream on that, right? He just likes killin’ babies after their born, which is what we’re all for.

No? You’re not for that? Go figure. You must be one of those rednecks from Pennsylvania with your guns and religion and all.

Anyway, some of your fellow guns-and-religion types decided to put out an ad that mentions Obama might be a little removed from the center on abortion. It’s not a bad ad. Even MacAoidh, who hates this issue, might like this. If not, he’ll yell at me…but that wouldn’t be the first time.

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