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Hurricane Katrina was the deadliest and most destructive Atlantic hurricane of the 2005 Atlantic hurricane season. It was the costliest natural disaster, as well as one of the five deadliest hurricanes, in the history of the United States.

– Wikipedia 2012

For our loyal northern readers, this is an Open Letter to people in the great Northeastern corner of the United States. I’m doing this is because I’m from there. Yes, I’m a “damned Yankee”; I came to Louisiana and stayed because I love it here. One of the things you do when you move to this deeply southern point of American population is you trade shoveling snow regularly to combating tropical storms and hurricanes; sometimes annually, occasionally one right after the other.

There’s a bad storm heading toward my family and friends in New England, New York and other areas. I suggest you listen intently and recognize what I say is from the heart and comes from my fear for you.


Lots of news aggregator sites are drawing the usual political punditry looking to get the writer a little notoriety for their comical tenor and pungent acerbity. Aside from the obvious political garbage, I’d suggest people in the path of this storm shut up with the weak comedy and start getting ready.

As a Katrina survivor, I can say you have NO idea what you’re up against. Are you ready for four (4) to six (6) weeks (maybe more) without electricity? Are you prepared for food stores to be out of bread and other essential foodstuffs? Are you ready for trees and power lines to be broken and strewn all over the path of this storm? Businesses will suffer supply shortfalls and the ability to keep foods fresh and chilled. Your career will be impacted by power loss and physical damage caused by wind and debris hitting your businesses. You’ll suffer the storm’s impact personally in some way if you’re in the storm’s path. This is not a theory, it’s a fact I, my family and friends and thousands of others have endured and still tolerate in some instances.

This storm isn’t a joke folks. Katrina had an 1800+ death toll in the south. It created suffering people never knew or understood before the storm landed. At this time (1-26-2012) there are still tarps covering houses affected by over 100 mph winds seven (7) years later. The southern parishes (counties) still show signs of devastation years after the event. Some communities were literally wiped out, never to recover, by the storm’s devastating winds and tidal surge.

DO NOT count on the government to be on your side. They work for themselves and occasionally, society in general. They hand out water and supplies until the cameras stop clicking then move on. YOU must prepare with batteries, bottled water; go food shopping, get supplies stocked and make sure you are away from the coast a sufficient distance to avoid Storm Surge. NO electricity means NO clean laundry. It will be prolific and devastating. It CAN’T be defended against without extremely expensive precautions being put in place before the event. Think about the Tsunami in the Indian Ocean and Japan. This is what you may combat.

The government will do its best to help but they’ll not do as well as they advertise or as well as you hope. Politicians will politicize this storm to update their resume’s. You’ll be patronized, then abandoned.

This isn’t about partisan politics. We’ll see how Obama does. George Bush had an ineffective bureaucrat in charge during Katrina. Politics between Bush and then Governor Blanco stalled performance to a snail’s pace. Their lack of action killed people. Then the recovery money was misused and misdirected away from victims. We’re talking BILLION$$. Political inefficiency and poor performance will dog you until you can stand on your own and survive by working at it.

DO NOT wait to evacuate. These storms are not to be partied through. You can, and many will DIE, if you don’t take it seriously.


Thanks for listening.

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